Faculty Advisors

Our experienced faculty advisors support our students throughout the six-month AMR project.


Each team is assigned a faculty advisor who works closely with the team to monitor progress, review documents and presentations, and encourage academic and professional growth. The faculty advisor does not directly manage the interface with companies - that is the purview of the student team.

Many of our advisors have directed and provided consulting services to leading companies all over the world in addition to their academic accomplishments, and so both our students and our partner organizations benefit from their wealth of expertise. They are chosen both for their skills as generalists and for their specialties.


Faculty Advisors


Bill Cockrum

Adjunct Professor of Finance

Andres Terech

Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing

Janis Forman

Adjunct Professor of Management, Director of Management Communications for Field Study Programs

John Villaseñor

Professor of Decisions, Operations & Technology Management

Mark Grinblatt

Professor of Finance

George Geis

Adjunct Professor of Strategy

Tereza Alexandre

Visiting Assistant Professor

Gayle Northrop


Derek Alderton

Adjunct Lecturer

Mark S. Karlan


Ehud Peleg

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance

Paul Park


Brian Farrell


Gary Reuben


Matthew Pierce

Founder, CEO, O Labs

Jeff Scheinrock

Lecturer, AMR Faculty Director

Bill Seeger

UCLA Anderson School of Management