Application Preview

Application Preview


Company Information

  • Contact information for two dedicated project liaisons
  • Name of executive sponsor (member of the company's leadership team who endorses this project
  • Company background including years in business, annual revenues, number of employees

Project Information

You should also be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Description of the strategic issue(s) that would benefit from the assistance of a student team
  • Details on any solutions your organization is currently exploring regarding this issue
  • List of resources that will be available to the team to ensure the project's success? (Examples: customer information, competitor information, industry reports, internal research reports, financial statements, etc.)
  • Description of your intended goals and expected outcomes from this project. Please be specific. (Examples: New market entry plan, financial model, competitive analysis, business expansion plan, etc.)
  • Qualities or backgrounds that you would prefer in a team
  • Language or citizenship specifications that should be taken into consideration for this project (Examples: team must all be US citizens, must speak Spanish)

**Please note** confidentiality agreements will be in place to protect all proprietary and confidential information.


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