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Enrolling in Classes

Are you having issues signing up for upper division courses due to Mgmt 1B transferability?

Several students cannot enroll in some management classes due to the enrollment system not recognizing equivalent prerequisite classes previously taken at other institutions (notably MGMT 1A & 1B). Enrollment in the following management classes may be affected:

MGMT 122
MGMT 130A 

* Please note that the Accounting Department will not accept any upper division accounting courses from other institutions. All upper division courses must be taken here at UCLA.

Instructions: Wait for your enrollment appointment to see if you are able to enroll in the upper division course(s) listed above. Please check  for assigned enrollment appointments. Priority goes to students under the First Pass:

First Pass: If you are already in the: Accounting Minor or Business Economics Major or Math Sciences Major, try enrolling during your First Pass. If you encounter errors, follow the steps below.

Second Pass: If you are a junior/senior, try enrolling during your Second Pass. If you encounter errors, follow the steps below:

1. Determine whether the course(s) taken at another institution satisfy prerequisite requirements, please contact Michael Miranda via email (

2. If the prerequisite courses has been satisfied, please contact the professor of the class either via e-mail or on the first day of class and ask for a PTE number. If you need to contact a faculty member, please use the UCLA Directory available online or call the UCLA Campus Operator at (310) 825-4321.

If you are unable to contact a faculty member, please visit him/her before or after classes to speak with them. You can find classrooms and times at UCLA Schedule of Classes online

Transferring MGMT credits from other approved institutions -
Send your Transcript to:

Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools
University of California Los Angeles
1147 Murphy Box 951436
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436

If the Admissions Office has not recognized the courses you took as equivalent to anything offered here at UCLA, please email a detailed syllabus of the course to the Director of Student Affairs: for approval, along with a completed Articulation Request Form. Please note that all upper division accounting courses must be taken at UCLA therefore transferability will be denied without syllabus review.