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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an element?

How many elements can I include in each submission?

Our article includes sidebars. Does each sidebar count as an element?

Our outlet is based internationally, but we have a US based bureau. Can we still submit an entry to the Loeb Awards?

What is the submission fee?

I would like to nominate someone for the Lifetime Achievement/Minard Editor Award. Do I have to pay the $100 submission fee?

Can I use a form of payment other than a credit card?

I would like to submit a series I wrote, but there are six articles in my series. What should I do?

Am I required to submit a cover letter to the judges?

Am I required to submit a List of Elements as the second page of my PDF?

Should we include a transcript with my broadcast submission?

Do I need to mail a DVD version of my broadcast submission?

How should I format the PDF?

Are all elements in my submission required to have a common theme?

I would like to include a URL linking to an interactive element. Do I need to include anything in the PDF?

How do I make a PDF from a URL?

My submission fits the criteria for multiple categories. Can I enter the same submission in more than one category?

Is my submission judged as a whole or is each element judged individually?

Is there an advantage to including five elements in my submission versus only one or two elements?

How do I combine PDFs into a single PDF?