Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: February 28, 2023


How should I approach the competition submission process?

Pace yourself! We suggest breaking the process into five (5) parts to maximize your time and resources when preparing and completing your Loeb Awards submissions...


I'm coordinating all the submissions for an organization; can I pay for them in bulk?

Yes! Our new and improved entry platform makes it easy to pay for multiple submissions in one transaction...


Am I required to submit a cover letter to the judges?

No. This requirement has been retired and replaced with a Questionnaire. (Please see the Questionnaire topic below.)


My submission fits the criteria for multiple categories. Can I enter the same submission into more than one category?

Yes. The exact same submission may be entered into a maximum of two (2) distinct categories...


What is an element?

An element is any form of journalism including: broadcast (video, audio and podcasts), digital/online, print, still photography, graphics, interactives, data visualization, blogs, news apps and social media...


Can I submit podcasts in any competition category?

Yes. Podcasts can be submitted as an element in any competition category...


How many elements can I include in each submission?

All competition categories have a minimum of one (1) element. Maximums vary from three (3) and five (5) for certain categories...


Are all elements in my submission required to have a common theme?

No. There is no rule that mandates that the elements in a submission have an underlying theme or be part of a series...


Is there an advantage to including the maximum number of elements in my submission versus only one or two elements?

No. Submitting multiple elements will not provide you with an advantage. Submitting less than the maximum number of five elements will also in no way disadvantage you...


My elements are behind a paywall, but I'm a freelancer and can't get a temporary username/password to share. What should I do?

Don't worry! Just reach out to the Loeb offices by email and we'll help you...


Is my submission judged as a whole or is each element judged individually?

Each submission, regardless of how many elements are included, will be judged as a whole...


I would like to submit a series I wrote, but the number of articles in my series exceeds the maximum allowed elements. What should I do?

You can mention or hyperlink the other articles (or to the full series) in your answers in the new Questionnaire for the judges. Judges view hyperlinks at their discretion.


Our article includes sidebars. Does each sidebar count as an element?

No. Sidebars are not considered part of your submission...


What is the entry fee? Do all submissions require an entry fee?

Competition categories require an entry fee. Career Achievement categories do not... 


Where does my entry fee go? What does it support?

Your entry fee goes directly to the administration of the Loeb Awards. The Call for Entries period is one of two ways that the Loeb Foundation generates the funds to administer the Loeb Awards for the past 65 years...


Is the Loeb Foundation a nonprofit? Is my entry fee tax deductible?

Yes. The G. and R. Loeb Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Entry fees are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law...


Our outlet is headquartered internationally, but we have a US based bureau. Can we still submit an entry to the Loeb Awards?



Our journalists are reporting on extremely sensitive topics or based in high-conflict locations. Do we still have to list their names on the entry form?

We are happy to make any necessary accommodation to help keep journalists as safe as possible so that they can still be recognized by the Loeb Awards for their work...


We are a US-based outlet and collaborate with international outlets. Can we still submit an entry to the Loeb Awards?



Do I need to include a PDF with each submission?

No. This requirement was retired in 2022. (Please see the Transcripts topic below.)


What is the questionnaire and is it required for all submissions?

Yes. All competition entries must include a completed questionnaire...


What if some of the questions don't apply to my submission?

If any of the questions do not apply to your submission, please write “N/A” in the answer field.


What are the questions?

Here are the questions on the form...


Is there a word limit to the answers for each of the questions? Can I format my answers and include links?



Does the questionnaire replace the cover letter?

Yes. A separate cover letter is not required.


I'm a working journalist, can I submit my own work into the competition?

Yes! All journalists can submit their work whether they are freelance or employed by an outlet...


Do the judges see the name and information of the individual that is submitting an entry?

No. Judges only see the information provided on the tabs of the submission form...


Do I need to include a transcript with submissions in the Audio or Video categories?

Yes. Please include a transcript for submissions in the Audio or Video categories...


I still have more questions, what should I do?

We're here to help Monday-Friday from 10am to 5pm Pacific Time...