Robot-Proof Jobs - Marketplace

David Brancaccio, Katie Long, Nicole Childers, Ben Tolliday, Daniel Ramirez and Paulina Velasco

“Marketplace Morning Report” examined the future of labor in “Robot-Proof Jobs,” a three-part audio series that surveyed which jobs are likely to survive the approaching technological wave of software, machines, arti cial intelligence and algorithms — and which won’t. Host David Brancaccio took a road trip through the Rust Belt to provide in-depth coverage and context to the vexing story of “technology unemployment.” Weaving personal tales from U.S. workers, as well as data from the consulting rm McKinsey & Company, the program identi ed a variety of jobs that appear to be less vulnerable to replacement by technology, including human resources managers, music composers and police o cers. Other occupations Brancaccio encountered on the journey, like tollbooth operators, travel agents and bus drivers, are especially vulnerable in the coming age. Another segment of this well-researched and -executed podcast looked to the uncertain future; some experts interviewed believe that, in a fully automated age, replacing jobs as the default income distribution mechanism may involve some form of universal basic income. Other called for a Manhattan Project to prepare the human workforce for what the future economy needs as more tech comes online. One teacher summed up the present-day predicament: “The jobs that we’re preparing [our students] for haven’t even been created.”

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