December 23, 2014

LOS ANGELES (Dec. 23, 2014) - Responding to the increasing interest in consumer electronics and technology, the Easton Technology Leadership Program at UCLA Anderson School of Management, in association with student-run High Tech Business Association, is hosting its inaugural consumer electronics show, CES @ Anderson. The free event, which coincides with the international CES show in Las Vegas, will highlight some of the newest emerging technologies and feature speakers and panels from various industries to discuss the latest innovations and ideas along with numerous exhibitors on January 8, 2015, in Gold Hall.

The program will include talks on topics addressed at CES, ranging from extreme technology challenges, disruptions and startups to the future of digitally defined objects, as well as panels streaming content from select CES sessions in Las Vegas. The sessions will be followed by discussions with invited industry professionals, faculty and students. The themes of the CES @ Anderson event include the ‘Internet of Things,’ wearables, robotics, virtual reality, and connected cars.

“With the growing interest in technology, the need for learning about emerging technologies through developments on campus and in the industry through startups and large global corporations has become significant,” says Guillaume Roels, UCLA Anderson associate professor in decisions, operations, and technology management and faculty director of the Easton program. “Students with technical and non-technical backgrounds have been successfully transitioning into the technology sector and are eager to learn about the latest consumer technology developments across various industries.”

To accommodate the increasing demand for knowledge and understanding of cutting edge technology, CES @ Anderson is designed to be similar to the actual CES in Las Vegas, focusing on new technologies and providing participants with opportunities to learn about them through talks, panels, keynotes and technology tables.

The key speakers include:

  • Jason Knapp (’98)-chief product officer, Interactive Media Holdings (parent of Specific Media, Myspace, Vindico, and Xumo)
  • Ashwin Rangan-chief innovation officer & CIO, ICANN
  • Janice Chaffin (’81)-independent board director, board member of International Game Technology (IGT), PTC, Synopsys and UCLA Anderson board of visitors; former group president, Consumer Business, Symantec

The event will also showcase various new prototypes, such as plug and play devices for connected autos, smart monitoring devices, robots, electrical vehicle charging stations and virtual reality headsets from exhibitors that include Microsoft, Telescope, Clucid, Inc., GI Logic, Wearsens, Inc., Omnimmerse, UCLA Wireless Health Institute, UCLA SmartGrid and UCLA Biomechatronics.

The event is open to the public and culminates with Anderson Afternoons, a networking reception sponsored by The Easton program.

Schedule and reservations for the CES @ Anderson event:

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