100 Inspirational Alumni, Business Beyond Usual

March 17, 2011

LOS ANGELES -- UCLA Anderson School of Management, one of the world's leading business schools, continues its 75th anniversary celebration with the announcement of  "100 Points of Inspiration," an extraordinary list of faculty and alumni whose approach to business, community, and life, is not business as usual, but Business Beyond Usual.

"From humble beginnings during the Great Depression, when seven professors taught economics, handwriting, accounting and auctioneering, UCLA Anderson has always been about creative ideas that question convention," said Judy Olian, dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management. "That culture - that business beyond usual approach -not only draws a diverse student population to our school, this year from 35 countries, but also has resulted in the graduation of some of the most inspiring individuals in the world. This 100 Points list illustrates the remarkable impact our alumni have had around the globe across all walks of life.  They inspire us all, starting with John Anderson ('40), whose legacy of entrepreneurship while 'doing the right thing' is a lesson I experience every day." 

The 100 Points list is comprised of renowned thought leaders and industry trailblazers such as Nancy Adler ('70, '74, '80), Si-Wei Cheng ('83), Larry Fink ('74, '76), Marshall Goldsmith ('77), William H. Gross ('71), Steve Hilton ('89), Guy Kawasaki ('79), Mitch Kupchak ('87), Susan Love ('98), Kathy Magliato ('06), Man Jit Singh ('84), and Susan Wojcicki ('98), among others.

"With over 37,000 alumni, it would be impossible to provide anything more than a window of illustrative experiences from the last 75 years," said UCLA Anderson Senior Associate Dean Al Osborne, "We believe, however, that this representation of the wide variety of contributions made by Anderson graduates both represents our traditions, and will inspire future generations of alumni over the next 75 years."

The following individuals are representatives of the many diverse points of inspiration to be found within the UCLA Anderson alumni network:

Nancy Adler, John E. Anderson, Joao Assuncao, Jill Baldauf, Stewart Bainum, Sue Baumgarten, Sandy Beim, Robert D. Beyer, Brian Biro, Henry Brandon, Eleanor Brewer, Lisa Brummel, David Burk, Kimberly Cayce, Keith Cernak, Richard Chase, Si-Wei Cheng, Paul Colichman, Richard Crowell, Juan Diaz-Andreu, Brian Farrell, Jay Ferguson, Richard Figueroa, Larry Fink, Louise Francesconi, Clayton Frech, Carolyn Flowers, Bob Foster, Sean Gjos, Marshall Goldsmith, William H. Gross, Joanne Haase, Elaine Hagan, Kip Hagopian, John J. Harris, Scott Haug, Zuisho Hayashi, Jeffrey Henley, Steve Hilton, Alex Hofmann, Randy Horn, John Hotchkis, Nike Irvin, Matsuo Iwata, Christopher D. (Kit) Jennings, Nurit Katz, Guy Kawasaki, Richard Kayne, Lester Korn, Ynon Kreiz, Mitch Kupchak, Lauren Ward Larsen, Howard Levine, David Lewin, Hwee Hua Lim, Kit Lokey, Susan Love, Kathy Magliato, James (Jim) Matheson, Arjay Miller, Jim Moffatt, Tobias (Toby) Moskowitz, Robert S. Murley, John Muse, Loay Nazer, Patty Oertel, John Parker, Koen Pauwels, Gil Penalosa, Carissa Phelps, Lissa Poincenot, Joseph Potter, Bernardo Quintana, Guillermo Tagle Quiroz, Regina Regazzi, Stewart Resnick, Giora Romm, Eugene Rosenfeld, Carol Rowen, Gary Ryals, Gary Saji, Yuda Saydun, Ralph Shapiro, Atsuo Shibota, Man Jit Singh, Grady Smith, Linda Smith, Charles Steinmetz, Bernee Strom, Avanidhar Subrahmanyan, Leland Sun, Blair Taylor, Stephen Torres, Esther Torrez, Stephen Wadsworth, Edward Wedbush, Richard S. Wiley, Susan Wojcicki, Phoebe Wood, Thomas Wu, and Mark Zoradi. 

For more on this extraordinary group, go to http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/x35426.xml

Over the course of the year, the 100 Points list will continue to be featured in UCLA Anderson events around the world, including locations such as London, Mexico City, and Chile, as well as locales closer to home. In order to do justice to the reservoir of inspiration that is UCLA Anderson, the school will use the list as a gateway to showcase over time many other alumni having impact around the world, in a soon-to-be-launched interactive application called the UCLA Anderson Impact Map.

Since its founding in 1935, UCLA Anderson has been a leading center of management thought leadership and of bold entrepreneurial initiatives. 75 years later, the school remains at the forefront of scholarly contributions across management, and of innovative learning models.  The school is widely recognized for the path breaking work of its faculty, for pioneering the applied management field study program, and for launching the Global Access Program. UCLA Anderson is also the birthplace of one of the nation's most widely read economic outlooks - the UCLA Anderson Forecast.

UCLA Anderson faculty and alumni continue to transform the thinking and practices of the global marketplace. They have served as economic advisors to Presidents, changed the way companies structure employee savings, started movements to eradicate breast cancer, fostered entrepreneurship in the Middle East, transformed the public education model, and campaigned to end childhood poverty. This is just a small slice of UCLA Anderson's 75 year legacy. 

To find out more about this remarkable legacy, go to http://75.anderson.ucla.edu/

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