March 03, 2010

By Justin Tang

LOS ANGELES -- Women's rights and globalization are two of the catchiest - and most important -- phrases in business today. In a recent Dean's Distinguished Speaker series appearance, former Canadian Prime Minister, Kim Campbell -- who today promotes the advancement of women's rights in her world travels -- represented the link between the two ideas. Introducing Campbell, UCLA Anderson's Dean Judy Olian said, "One of our missions at Anderson is to prepare global leaders. Kim Campbell (represents) that (kind of) pioneering political figure. (She is an) intellectual powerhouse and force of change."

Among many topics discussed, Campbell focused on how the technology revolution, the effects of globalization, and the responsibilities of being a former female leader, shaped her career after politics.

Today, Campbell chairs the Council of Women's World Leaders, serves as the president of the International Women's Forum, launched the Women's Leadership Fund, and founded the Club of Madrid. Many of these organizations bring attention to the success of women in various countries, while encouraging companies to give women equal rights in the workforce. While her responsibilities are numerous, she credits technology for helping her reach out to a greater audience. "I needed to find a way to multiply what I do. The information and communication technology revolutions allow me to communicate to more people in real-time."

She also spoke about her new website,, which acts as a forum for the innovative ideas that Campbell wants to highlight. For example, her website examines the problems in Haiti and its implications for other developing nations. She said, "I want to create an exchange of ideas for two reasons. The first reason is because my entries may spark an interest in people that I know want to make a difference. Secondly, I want to give people a sense of empowerment because I believe it is too easy to feel alienated and overwhelmed by problems."

Campbell concluded the night by expressing the need to enable her generation to spread their global experiences in order to teach others. "We need to find ways of enabling those of us of my generation who have had valuable and interesting communicate to the world without necessarily traveling everywhere." To describe this movement, she jokingly coined the phrase, "geezers going global."

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