February 25, 2009

By Paul Feinberg

The UCLA Anderson Finance Ph.D. was cited as "the best at training scholars" in a paper published in the February 2009 edition of The Financial Review. The article, entitled "Pedigree or Placement? An Analysis of Research Productivity in Finance" was authored by Kam Chan (Pace University), Carl Chen (University of Dayton) and Hung-gay Fung (University of Missouri at St. Louis - College of Business Administration).

According to the paper's abstract, the study  " ... observe(d) a pedigree effect in the top three (finance) journals, where there is a higher concentration of publications by authors with degrees from 'elite' institutions." The paper includes a number of different rankings, each with different criteria and UCLA Anderson was well-considered across the board.  

UCLA Anderson ranked number-one among institutions considered, "the best at training Ph.D. students to publish in the top three finance journals (when controlling for the placement effect, i.e. where graduates were placed after earning their doctorate.)" UCLA Anderson obtained a ranking five on the list of the best places to be an assistant professor.

In a related story, the UCLA Anderson Doctoral Program has announced that applications for Fall 2009 admission increased 25 percent over last year. This year's 686 applications represent the second largest applicant pool in the program's history, exceeded only by a high of 722 applications in 2003.

"(The UCLA Anderson Doctoral Programs) have great support from (Dean) Judy Olian and (Chairman of the Faculty) Tony Bernardo, who have increased the number of new and energetic young faculty at UCLA Anderson," said Professor Mark Grinblatt, dean of UCLA Anderson's Doctoral Program and the J. Clayburn La Force Chair in Management. "The combination of enthusiastic new faculty with senior faculty who have a long tradition of helping place their Ph.D. students at top research institutions makes UCLA Anderson very attractive to doctoral candidates."

Nearly 40 percent of the pool applied to the Finance area, a record for Finance applications.  Other academic areas which set record totals in the number of applications include Marketing and Human Resources & Organizational Behavior.

The Doctoral Program also experienced increases in the percentage of domestic, female and under-represented minority applicants.

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