June 03, 2009

LOS ANGELES -- On Saturday, May 9, eight teams from UCLA Anderson participated in the school's 2009 Legacy Case Competition. The annual Legacy Case Competition is designed to nurture opportunities for students to create action plans to strengthen the school. This year, the topic of the competition was environmental sustainability. Students competed to develop innovative solutions for UCLA Anderson that would provide the greatest environmental improvement to the school and its community and could be implemented in the 2009-2010 academic year.

Winning teams shared $10,000 with $5,000 going to the first place team. The competition was planned and presented by UCLA Anderson students Jessica Kellett, Rhoda Rahaii and Aimee Fox. The school plans to work with the winning teams to implement one or more of these projects in the 2009-2010 academic year.

First Place: "Anderson Rideshare" - Adam Green and Mike Pelletier
In studying students' high single driving rates, this team determined that students were not able to make informed decisions about parking/driving because they are required to purchase parking passes in the summer prior to knowing addresses or establishing local networks. The team persuaded the UCLA Transportation department to extend this deadline to the fall and to host an information session on alternative transportation options. Additionally, they convinced Student Services to incorporate student addresses when developing study groups for first year students, allowing students to make more informed decisions about whether to purchase carpool or single-rider passes. Through this program, students will be encouraged to carpool, reducing the number of commuters and our collective greenhouse gas emissions.

Second Place: "The Paper Trail" - Joe Pulido, Preston Schultz, Dave Lewry, J.R. Lang
This team developed a paper reduction project focused on printing and paper towel use. For printing, they suggested default double-sided printing for lab printers, a cap and fee, and even a cap and trade, where a credit market would be created allowing students to trade their printing usage with someone who requires more printing. For paper towel use, they did a cost/benefit analysis of the Dyson hand dryers for bathrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors at UCLA Anderson. This group also recommended that new Kindle DX electronic readers be purchased for books on reserve in the library. Students would be able to check out the Kindle for 2 hours, rather than textbooks that use paper, are more costly, and take up shelf space.

Third Place: "Raise the Green Roof" - Gus Bracamontes, Cheryl Gregory, Teddy Ho, Anuradha Kumar, Joe Ziomek
This team developed a plan for the implementation of an extensive green roof created from a plant suited for the LA climate. The vegetation would absorb most of the sunlight/heat entering the top floor of a UCLA Anderson building, and calculated the energy savings based on the lower energy needed to cool the building. They looked at issues with irrigation, fireproofing, and maintenance and focused on the visibility of the green roof as a strong marketing tool to increase UCLA Anderson's brand equity and further show the school's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Honorable Mention: "Binder Solutions" - Lusanna Russ, Kristen Moore-Brown, Kalyan Chakravadhanla, Casey Vachon, Cory Weng, Christina Brink
This team proposed offering an opt-in program for the Kindle DX to replace the paper normally printed for non-copyrighted course materials such as lecture slides. Additionally, the aim was to extend to copyrighted materials such as HBS cases when available for the Kindle in fall 2009 in order to reduce the number of binders and amount of paper used on campus.

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