December 15, 2009

By Justin Tang

LOS ANGELES -- John Fogelman ('92), with entertainment firm William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, spoke recently at a UCLA Anderson gathering about the great opportunities that await UCLA Anderson students who want to work in the entertainment business. Fogelman, who is the co-head of the company's Motion Pictures Worldwide department, has worked in the entertainment industry for many years and currently represents such artists as J.J. Abrams, Michael Bay and Danny Boyle.

There is a prevailing sentiment that copyright piracy has reduced profitability in the entertainment industry. But Fogelman disagreed citing the variety of venues for media product today, including cable TV, DVDs, cell phones, computers, broadband and game consoles. He said that a recent study reported that teenagers can watch over eight minutes of media content in just over six minutes because of the efficiency of multi-tasking. He called the situation, "chaos, but chaos which you can find revenue in. It's an incredible opportunity right now and you're at the right place for it at Anderson."

Fogelman also spoke about his time at UCLA Anderson and the value of his education. "The main experience I got from Anderson was failure. Be comfortable with it, because what it gives you is immeasurable. I wouldn't have the confidence I have today without it," he urged the students.

Fogelman closed the evening by passing on a few important principles. He told the students to attain a point of view and be dogmatic with it, and he encouraged students to maintain a laser-like focus on goals, without getting bogged down by numerous commitments. Lastly, he said, "The cost of indecision is greater than the cost of decision. Don't miss out on failure."

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