May 13, 2008

LOS ANGELES - Judy D. Olian, chairman of the G. and R. Loeb Foundation Inc. and dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management, today announced the finalists of the 2008 Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. She also announced the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Lawrence Minard Editor Award.

The Loeb Awards are the highest honors in business journalism. They were established in 1957 by Gerald Loeb, a founding partner of E.F. Hutton, to encourage quality reporting in the areas of business, finance and the economy in order to inform and protect private investors and the general public. Presented by UCLA Anderson School of Management since 1973, the awards recognize writers, editors and producers of both print and broadcast media for the significant contributions they make in this field.

The 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is Daniel Hertzberg, deputy managing editor for international at The Wall Street Journal. This annual award recognizes an individual whose career exemplifies the consistent and superior insight and professional skills necessary to further the understanding of business, financial and economic issues.

Frank J. Comes, senior editor at McKinsey & Company and former assistant managing editor of BusinessWeek, will receive the 2008 Lawrence Minard Editor Award, named in memory of Laury Minard, founding editor of Forbes Global and a former final judge for the Loeb Awards. This award honors excellence in business, financial and economic journalism editing and recognizes an editor whose work does not receive a byline or whose face does not appear on the air for the work covered.

Daniel Hertzberg and Frank J. Comes will receive their career achievement awards at the 2008 Loeb Awards dinner, Monday, June 30, 2008, in New York City. Winners in the 13 competition categories will be announced from among the following finalists, which were chosen from among a record 450 entries.

Large Newspapers Category
The finalists in the large newspapers category (circulation of more than 350,000) are:

  • Patricia Callahan, Maurice Possley, Ted Gregory, Sam Roe, Michael Oneal and Evan Osnos for “Hidden Hazards” in Chicago Tribune
  • Charles Duhigg for “Golden Opportunities” in The New York Times
  • Walt Bogdanich, Jake Hooker, David Barboza and Andrew W. Lehren for “Toxic Pipeline” in The New York Times
  • Kate Kelly, Serena Ng, David Reilly, Susanne Craig, Susan Pulliam, Randall Smith, Michael Siconolfi, Carrick Mollenkamp, Robin Sidel, Monica Langley, Gregory Zuckerman and David Enrich for “Mortgage Meltdown on Wall Street” in The Wall Street Journal

Medium Newspapers Category
The finalists in the medium newspapers category (circulation between 150,000 and 350,000) are:

  • Binyamin Appelbaum, Lisa Hammersly Munn, Ted Mellnik and Peter St. Onge for “Sold A Nightmare” in The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer
  • Jeffrey Spivak and Lynn Horsley for “TIF Breaks” in The Kansas City(Mo.)Star
  • Laura Frank, Burt Hubbard, Todd Hartman and Gargi Chakrabarty for “Beyond the Boom Series” in Rocky Mountain News (Denver, Colo.)

Small Newspapers Category
The finalists in the small newspapers category (circulation of less than 150,000) are:

  • Philip Brasher, Paula Lavigne, Perry Beeman, Lynn Hicks and Jerry Perkins for “Fueling Iowa’s Future” in The Des Moines (Iowa) Register
  • Todd Spivak for “Heads You Lose ... Tails You Lose” in Houston (Texas) Press
  • Tony Bartelme for “The China Effect” in The Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.)

Magazines Category
The finalists in the magazines category are:

  • Brian Grow, Robert Berner, Keith Epstein and Geri Smith for “The Poverty Business” in BusinessWeek
  • Charles Fishman for “Message in a Bottle” in Fast Company
  • Allan Sloan for “House of Junk” in Fortune
  • Edward Chancellor for “Ponzi Nation” in Institutional Investor
  • Michael Lewis for “In Nature’s Casino” in The New York Times Magazine

Commentary Category
The finalists in the commentary category are:

  • Daniel Howes for “Business Columnist” in The Detroit News
  • Joe Nocera for “Talking Business” in The New York Times
  • Gretchen Morgenson for “Wall Street Skullduggery” in The New York Times
  • Kimberley A. Strassel for “Review and Outlook” in The Wall Street Journal

Breaking News Category
The finalists in the breaking news category are:

  • Katie Merx, Tim Higgins, Tom Walsh, Mark Phelan, Susan Tompor, Sarah A. Webster, Katherine Yung and Joe Guy Collier for “A New U.S. Auto Industry” in Detroit Free Press
  • Claudia Eller, Richard Verrier, Maria Elena Fernandez, Jay A. Fernandez, Meg James, John Horn and Joseph Menn for “The Writers Strike” in Los Angeles Times
  • Andrew Ross Sorkin, Richard Siklos, Joe Nocera and Richard Pérez-Pena for “Dow Jones-Murdoch Coverage” in The New York Times
  • Jenny Anderson and Landon Thomas, Jr., for “The Fall of E. Stanley O'Neal at Merrill Lynch” in The New York Times

Beat Writing Category
The finalists in the beat writing category are:

  • Jon Kamp for “Exposing Health, Financial Risks on Eye-Care Solutions” in Dow Jones Newswires
  • Lisa Girion for “Coverage Denied” in Los Angeles Times
  • Charles Duhigg for “Golden Opportunities” in The New York Times
  • Kate Kelly, Serena Ng, Susanne Craig and David Reilly for “Breakdown at Bear Stearns” in The Wall Street Journal
  • Robert O’ Harrow Jr. and Dana Hedgpeth for “The Cost of Contracting” in The Washington Post

News Services Category
The finalists in the news services category are:

  • Mike Liedtke, Adam Geller, Dave Carpenter and J.W. Elphinstone for “Subprime Mortgage Series” for The Associated Press
  • David Dietz, Gary Cohn, Darrell Preston and Christine Richard for “The Insurance Hoax” for Bloomberg News
  • Mark Pittman, Bob Ivry and Kathleen M. Howley for “Wall Street’s Faustian Bargain” for Bloomberg News
  • Peter Henderson, Andrew Sullivan, Al Yoon and Tim McLaughlin for “Subprime Crisis” for Reuters

Feature Writing Category
The finalists in the feature writing category are:

  • Brian Grow and Keith Epstein for “The Poverty Business” in BusinessWeek
  • Michael Lewis for “Evolution of an Investor” in Condé Nast Portfolio
  • Charles Fishman for “Message in a Bottle” in Fast Company
  • Jennifer Reingold for “The Rise and Fall (and Subsequent Fall and Rise) of Ilan K. Reich” in Fortune
  • John Carreyrou for “The Nation’s Broken Health-Care System” in The Wall Street Journal

Online Category
The finalists in the online category are:

  • The Staff of the Boston Globe for “Globe 100” for The Boston Globe/
  • Bryce Hoffman, John Greilick and Rob L’Heureux for “South of the Equator: Ford and GM Prosper” for The Detroit News
  • Art Lenehan, Anh Ly and Suzanne McGee for “Keeping Up With The Wangs” for MSN Money

Television Daily Category
The finalists in the television daily category are:

  • Danial Clark, Brian Sullivan, Karin Annus, Deepanshu Bagchee, Peter Gorenstein and Gary Matsumoto for “Subprime Shockwaves” on Bloomberg News
  • Sharyl Attkisson for “Earmarks” on CBS Evening News
  • Catherine Kim and Anthony Mason for “Do It Yourself Bands and Digital Pirates” on CBS News
  • Drew Griffin for “Keeping Them Honest: The Transparent Congress” on CNN Anderson Cooper 360o
  • Steve Washington, Darren Gersh and Dana Greenspon for “India’s Promise” on PBS Nightly Business Report (Miami, Fla.)

Television Enterprise Category
The finalists in the television enterprise category are:

  • Steve Kroft and Andy Court for “Wake Up Call” on CBS News 60 Minutes
  • Serena Altschul, Cynthia Bowers, Barry Petersen, John Blackstone, Martha Teichner, David Pogue, Rita Braver, Joie Chen, Bill Geist, Ben Stein, Al Balisky, David Bhagat, Marsha Cooke, John D’Amelio, Ed Forgotson, Remington Korper, Brian Healy, Ann Marie Hodrick, Patrick Lee, Sandra Malyszka, Marisa Pearl, George Pozderec, Amy Rosner, Carol Ross, Jason Schmidt, Randy Schmidt, David Small, Mary Lou Teel and Nancy Wyatt for “The Money Issue” on CBS News Sunday Morning
  • Josh Howard for “Against the Tide: Battle for New Orleans” on CNBC
  • Drew Griffin for “M.I.S.T. (Minor Injury to Soft Tissue)” on CNN
  • Byron Harris, Mark Smith and Kraig Kirchem for “Money for Nothing” on WFAA-TV (Dallas, Texas)

Business Book Category
The finalists in the business book category are:

  • Julia Flynn Siler for “The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty” published by Gotham Books
  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb for “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” published by Random House
  • Richard Bookstaber for “A Demon of Our Own Design” published by Wiley
  • David Kaplan for “Mine’s Bigger: Tom Perkins and the Making of the Greatest Sailing Machine Ever Built” published by William Morrow

The judges select finalists and winners based on quality of reporting and writing, news and analytical value, originality and exclusivity, and where appropriate, production value and visual impact. Sixty nine preliminary judges, representing a broad spectrum of print and broadcast media, as well as academia, chose this year’s finalists. The winners are then determined by the distinguished panel of final judges:

  • Stephen J. Adler, editor-in-chief, BusinessWeek
  • Amanda Bennett, executive editor, enterprise, Bloomberg News
  • Philip Bennett, managing editor, The Washington Post
  • Jane Berentson, editor, Inc.
  • Matthew Bishop, bureau chief, The Economist
  • Marcus Brauchli, consultant, News Corp.
  • Steve Forbes, chairman and chief executive officer, Forbes
  • Chrystia Freeland, U.S. managing editor, Financial Times
  • John Hillkirk, executive editor, USA Today
  • Glenn Kramon, assistant managing editor, The New York Times
  • Joanne Lipman, editor-in-chief, Condé Nast Portfolio
  • Judy D. Olian, dean, UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • Allan Sloan, senior editor-at-large, Fortune
  • Russ Stanton, editor, Los Angeles Times
  • Jonathan Wald, senior vice president, business news, CNBC

The Loeb Awards gratefully acknowledges Business Wire for their support of this program. For more information about the Loeb Awards, please visit the Loeb Awards Web site at, or e-mail or call the Loeb Awards office at (310) 206-1877.

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