May 02, 2008

LOS ANGELES - The UCLA/ Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute is hosting the Health Care Institute Reunion 2008 on May 8-9 at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles. The event will feature key leaders in the field of health literacy, as well as reunite the programs who participated in a nationwide study conducted by the program’s founder, Dr. Ariella Herman from 2002 to 2005.

Dr. Herman, a Senior Lecturer at UCLA Anderson School of Management, will present the results of her study, which demonstrates that when low-income families receive properly directed health education on the treatment of common childhood illnesses, they become more knowledgeable and empowered in meeting their children’s health care needs. Also, a more efficient use of the health care system can result.

Dr. Herman will also share a new set of low literacy training modules designed to enhance the education of Head Start families. The program will also feature presentations by national leaders in health care literacy, a roundtable discussion on lessons learned by Head Start agencies and a presentation on “Motivation and Communication Styles,” by Yvonne Randle, vice president of Management Systems Consulting Corporation.

It is estimated that 90 million Americans lack the necessary health literacy skills to effectively utilize the health care system. The rush to emergency rooms and doctors/clinics has received much of the blame for increasing health care costs.

By training Head Start families, who are predominantly underinsured or utilize Medicaid for treatment of minor childhood illnesses, the UCLA/ Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute has reduced the costs of the nation’s overburdened health care system and promoted ongoing family and practitioner changes.

Families who participated in training showed a significant decrease in school days and work days missed. After training, families showed a 41 percent decrease in doctor/clinic visits and a 58 percent decrease in ER visits.

With an average investment of $60 per family, unnecessary ER and non-emergency clinic visits can be decreased while reducing Medicaid spending from both state and federal funds. The UCLA/HCI studies show that training 10,000 families using the Health Care Institute’s methodology can lead to annual savings of nearly $5.5 million in direct costs to Medicaid.

About the Health Care Institute
Established in 2001, the UCLA/ Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute is designed tio better prepare parents to address the health care needs of their children. The training also strives to provide Head Start agencies and other organizations the tools and resources to lead an effective health care training program through empowerment and dissemination of knowledge.

About UCLA Anderson School of Management
UCLA Anderson School of Management, established in 1935, is regarded among the very best business schools in the world.  UCLA Anderson faculty are ranked #1 in "Intellectual Capital" by BusinessWeek and are renowned for their teaching excellence and research in advancing management thinking.  Each year, UCLA Anderson provides management education to more than 1,600 students enrolled in MBA, Executive MBA, Fully-Employed MBA and doctoral programs, and to more than 2,000 professional managers through executive education programs.  Combining highly selective admissions, varied and innovative learning programs, and a world-wide network of 35,000 alumni, UCLA Anderson develops and prepares global leaders.

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