May 06, 2008

By Nancy Hwang ('08)

UCLA Anderson Reclaims the Golden BriefcaseAfter almost a decade absence, the Golden Briefcase has returned to UCLA Anderson.

Challenge for Charity (C4C) is the largest charitable organization at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.  The chapter is one of nine West Coast business schools in the C4C competition for the Golden Briefcase.  The competition consists of a fundraising component, volunteerism and the annual Sports Weekend held each April at Stanford University. 

This year, over 80 percent of UCLA Anderson students participated in C4C-related volunteer events, accumulating over 5,500 service hours for Special Olympics and LA Works. These figures represent an 11% increase from last year's total and a record for UCLA C4C.  UCLA's volunteering represented over a third of the 14,000 hours accumulated across all nine C4C chapters this year.

As a school, Anderson raised $96,000 in fundraising dollars - 21 percent of the $464,000 contributed by all schools this year.  The majority of dollars stemmed from the annual C4C Auction and Casino Night (held in February), UCLA Anderson apparel sales, the Winter Trip, and money donated from other UCLA Anderson student groups.  Since its founding in 1984, C4C as an entire organization has donated almost $5 million to its beneficiaries.  Anderson has played an important role in this achievement.

In April, C4C recognized the volunteer work and fundraising dollars contributed by all chapters during a celebration weekend held at Stanford University.  Anderson's energy, spirit, sportsmanship, and sense of community were evident throughout the event.

The Golden Briefcase is now on display in Cafe Roma, a reminder of the impact we can make as a community.

Congratulations UCLA Anderson and your Golden Briefcase win and thank you to students, faculty, administration, and alumni for supporting Challenge for Charity and our beneficiary organizations - Special Olympics and LA Works.

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