November 08, 2004

Global Window

The Global Window Program was created at UCLA Anderson School of Management to address issues of global business effectiveness. The Global Window Program was conceived by Archie Kleingartner, emeritus professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. The core of the program is a series of web-based multimedia research projects devoted to the innovative use of information technology to provide a complete portfolio of useful features, data and references for world business people who seek to conduct business in different countries and regions.

The contents of the websites target what has been identified as a crucial but often overlooked issue: A relatively small percent of the problems that international business people encounter in doing business in other countries and regions can be attributed to actual hurdles such as trade barriers. A much larger proportion of the problems result from the inability or unwillingness to learn the intricacies and nuances of foreign business cultures. The Global Window websites provide expert advice on these cultural subtleties.

The Global Window Program is of particular value to business executives who seek to penetrate into the global business potential. Scholars, students and researchers with a need for comprehensive, in-depth information about particular cultures and doing business in various countries and regions will also find these sites of great value.


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