November 19, 2004

LOS ANGELES — UCLA Anderson School of Management’s faculty continue to be rated among the best and the brightest in the world.  In BusinessWeek’s recently released 2004 biennial rankings of MBA programs, UCLA Anderson’s professors were rated number one.  The rating is based on BusinessWeek’s intellectual capital poll, which tallies academic journal entries among 18 scholarly publications.

Publications that BusinessWeek surveyed for the intellectual capital ranking include such journals as: Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Finance, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Operations Research, Academy of Management Review, Management Science, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal on Computing, Journal of Financial Studies, Journal of Marketing Research, Strategic Management Journal and Harvard Business Review, among others.

“Taking the top rank in the intellectual capital poll is another accomplishment in UCLA Anderson’s growing reputation,” said Professor Rakesh Sarin, senior associate dean and faculty chair of UCLA Anderson School of Management.  “This rating is a measure of our outstanding faculty’s research output—both in quantity and quality across all the academic disciplines in management education.”

The mainstay of UCLA Anderson’s high-quality management education programs is its esteemed faculty.  Each year UCLA Anderson faculty members demonstrate the caliber of their intellectual abilities by publishing groundbreaking research in leading scholarly journals.  Time and again, they are rated highly for their research productivity, as evidenced not only by key business school rankings and citation studies, but also by the scholarly awards they receive.

The success that UCLA Anderson faculty achieve through their research and scholarship sets the stage for the curriculum they create and implement in the classroom.  The efforts of the faculty help create enduring value of UCLA Anderson MBA and doctoral degrees—which, in turn, helps our graduates achieve continual success in business and academia. 

“Our consistent ability to attract the top students in our MBA and Ph.D. programs is, in large part, driven by access to gifted faculty who are on the leading edge of knowledge in their fields and who incorporate current research into a rigorous curriculum,” said Bruce G. Willison, dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management.

In addition to their rank in BusinessWeek, our faculty have consistently placed in the top 10 in intellectual capital in the Financial Times’ annual surveys of MBA and Executive MBA programs.  Additionally in U.S.News &World Report’s annual survey of business schools, our peer business schools rate UCLA Anderson in the top 10 in the following academic and specialty areas:

Finance - 8th
Marketing - 8th
International - 9th
Production/Operations - 9th
Entrepreneurship - 10th
Nonprofit - 10th

UCLA Anderson also placed well in some other specialty areas surveyed by U.S.News & World Report:

Supply Chain/Logistics - 11th
Management - 15th
Accounting - 24th
Information Systems - 26th

Further evidence of UCLA Anderson faculty’s intellectual capital strength comes from a 2003 citation study conducted by Academic Assessment Services, which found that UCLA Anderson School of Management was among five U.S. universities whose faculties ranked among the top 30 in all eight academic disciplines.  These schools were, in alphabetical order, Chicago, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and UCLA.  UCLA Anderson ranked in the Top 10 in five of the eight academic areas:

2nd in Management Science
4th in Economics
4th in Finance
8th in Information Systems
10th in Strategy

UCLA Anderson School faculty also ranked in the following disciplines:

13th in Marketing
17th in Organizational Behavior
22nd in Accounting

The Academic Assessment Services study recorded nearly 1.5 million citations to measure research productivity of the 4,918 full-time faculty members with doctoral degrees at 51 leading U.S. business schools.  These schools had been included at least once in the 25 most recent ranking lists produced by three major business publications.

Another key proof point is a December 2002 study in OR/MS magazine, which established that UCLA Anderson ranked third in the world among business schools for research and publication productivity in the areas of information systems, information technology and operations research.  The study examined research output in four key journals of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) from 1990 through 2002:

  • Management Science
  • Information Systems Research
  • Operations Research
  • INFORMS Journal on Computing

UCLA Anderson faculty expertise lies in a number of fundamental management disciplines, which are divided in the following academic areas:

Decisions, Operations and Technology Management
Global Economics and Management
Human Resources and Organizational Behavior
Information Systems

For more information about UCLA Anderson School of Management faculty and their research and scholarship, please visit the following links on the UCLA Anderson Web site:

Selected Papers
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Faculty Expertise Guide

About UCLA Anderson School of Management
UCLA Anderson School of Management is perennially ranked among the top-tier business schools in the world.  Award-winning faculty renowned for their research and teaching, highly selective admissions, successful alumni and world-class facilities combine to provide an extraordinary learning environment.  UCLA Anderson students are part of a culture that values individual vision, intellectual discipline and a sense of teamwork and collegiality.

Established in 1935, UCLA Anderson School of Management provides management education to more than 1,400 students enrolled in MBA and doctoral programs, and some 2,000 executives and managers enrolled annually in executive education programs.  Recognizing that the school offers unparalleled expertise in management education, the world's business community turns to UCLA Anderson School of Management as a center of influence for the ideas, innovations, strategies and talent that will shape the future.

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