June 07, 2002

Los Angeles — UCLA Anderson climbed to 17th overall worldwide, up three spots from 2001, in the Financial Times 2002 Rankings of Executive Education Programs. For business schools based in the United States, Anderson was 12th overall. UCLA Anderson ranked ahead of such schools as University of Chicago and Berkeley's Haas School.

Even more impressive is UCLA Anderson's tie for 9th in the area of Open Enrollment Programs, up 11 spots from 20th last year. In this area, Anderson ranked ahead of such schools as University of Michigan, Northwestern's Kellogg School, Haas and Chicago.

"We're proud of the high caliber of our open enrollment executive education programs," said Bruce Willison, dean of UCLA Anderson. "Our objective is to deliver to program participants a global management perspective, leadership acumen, and strategic thinking skills that will help them guide their organizations to the next level of success."

The Financial Times survey of international non-degree executive education ranks both "open" and "custom" programs and produces a combined rank position for schools that appear in both rankings. Open programs are courses open to all executives and custom programs are tailor-made for companies that wish to put their executives through specific training or development. Each ranking is compiled from the responses of executive education course participants or corporate purchasers and a survey of business schools.

Most programs are between three days and three months in length. Schools must have more than US $2 million worth of business in each of the two categories to participate in one or both sections of this year's ranking.

Feedback from the Financial Times survey shows that executive education participants gave Anderson high marks and are pleased with the substance and quality of Anderson's executive education programs.

UCLA Anderson ranked first in faculty diversity and achieved high marks in other areas including innovative course design, excellence of faculty, quality of teaching materials, and new skills and learning. Its executive education courses are based on the cutting edge research of its core faculty-research that is often ahead of the curve. Program participants are able to learn new concepts and models that help them broaden their management capabilities, increase their business acumen and often immediately implement new solutions to improve their organizations.

"We're able to move quickly and make enhancements to executive education programs to tailor them to the needs of our participants in an ever-changing business world," said Laurie Dowling, director of Anderson's executive education programs. "One significant thing that distinguishes our programs from others is that we rely on our core faculty to design and teach courses, and it's clear that participants like it that way."

UCLA Anderson's open enrollment Executive Education Programs include the following offerings:

Strategic Leadership Institute
Executive Program
Creativity and Innovation in the Organization Program
Advanced Program in Human Resource Management
African American Leadership Institute
Latino Leadership Institute
Women's Leadership Institute
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Institute
Mergers and Acquisitions Program
Managing the Information Resource Program
Medical Marketing Program
The Anderson School also offers custom programs for organizations that have unique or proprietary educational objectives and executive development requirements. The school works with organizations around the world to deliver a fully integrated, cost-effective and time-efficient management education option for that has far reaching benefits and lasting impact. Most custom programs feature a business improvement project in which small groups of participants work to resolve a management challenge during and after the program. Using program faculty as advisors, participants present their solutions to the senior leadership of the organization, furthering program impact, visibility and return on investment.

For more information on The Anderson School's Executive Education Programs, call (310) 825-2001 or visit www.execed.anderson.ucla.edu.

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