October 11, 2002

LOS ANGELES — UCLA Anderson and Doshisha Management School will host their first-ever joint business conference titled, "Global Business in the 21st Century: Building a New Management Paradigm," on November 1, 2002, in Kyoto, Japan.

The conference will address leadership strategy, corporate governance and change management frameworks for Japanese companies. Participants will present ideas for how Japanese companies can better embrace new management philosophies currently used by organizations across the globe.

Dr. Sanford M. Jacoby, Howard Noble Chair in Management at UCLA Anderson, will be a featured keynote speaker. His speech will focus on corporate governance and corporate responsibility in Japan and the United States. "This is an exciting time to share ideas and experiences about prospects for Global Business in the 21st century," said Dr. Jacoby. "We live in a globalized economy where business in different parts of the world is becoming more interdependent. In both Japan and the United States companies seek to promote entrepreneurship, and are looking to renew and revitalize their corporate strategies and create new forms of corporate governance."

The conference will consist of a series of distinguished keynotes by leading industry executives, who will discuss Japanese corporate structure and models to implement change management and corporate renewal. The prominent speakers include Dr. Eiji Hatta, president, Doshisha University; Mr. Satoshi Iue, chairman, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.; Mr. Masaru Murai, former president, Compaq Computer K.K.; Mr. Yasuo Nishiguchi, president, Kyocera Corporation; Mr. Nobuo Tateishi, chairman, Omron Corporation; Mr. Kiyoshi Sasamori, chairman, Japanese Trade Union Confederation, Mr. Yoshinobu Yamada, senior analyst and managing director, Merrill Lynch and Ms. Chiyono Terada, president, Art Corporation.Following the Global Business in the 21st Century Conference, UCLA Anderson and Doshisha Management School will present a two-day Corporate Leadership Seminar at Lake Biwa, November 2-3, 2002. The program, designed for leaders and future leaders of Japanese companies, will build upon the concepts presented in the conference and examine management solutions for corporate leadership and innovation.

In addition to Dr. Jacoby, notable speakers at the Corporate Leadership Seminar include Dr. David Lewin, Neil Jacoby Professor of Management at UCLA Anderson; Dr. Yoshi-Fumi Nakata, dean, Doshisha Management School; and Dr. Hugh Whittaker, professor, Doshisha Management School.

For more information and to register for the Global Business in the 21st Century Conference, please visit Doshisha Management School's Web site.

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