December 12, 2002


Feed-O-Matic is an Australian based developer and marketer of a revolutionary automated feeding system for dairy cows. Their robotic in-parlor feeding system is easily integrated with RFID tags and farm management software to deliver individualized grain portions and maximize milk productivity. The Feed-O-Matic offers a high-quality, individualized feeding solution to increase farm profits.

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IPR Systems is the originator of the only accepted global open standard that enables the definition of rights associated with Digital Assets. IPR Systems is the infrastructure provider of value chain solutions to monetize these Digital Assets

Lincoln Indicators
With today's uncertain financial climate, where the trust between client and broker has evaporated, investors need a comprehensive and reliable stock risk analysis tool. Lincoln Indicators, an Australian financial advisory firm with over 1500 clients, has filled the void by creating an unbiased quantitatively based equity analysis software package called STOCKdoctor. The software has an easy to use graphical interface that enables investors to track and analyze over 1600 Australian stocks. Over the past 4 years, the STOCKdoctor analysis tool, when used in combination with Lincoln Indicators' 9 Golden Rules for Investing, has produce a portfolio of "Star" Stocks that has outperformed the ASX All Ordinaries Index by over 7.5% per annum. Lincoln Indicators is now looking for additional money to complete research and expand their market share.

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MindAtlas is an Australian Company that provides training and compliance courses on electronic learning and mobile learning platforms to client business and organizational entities. Their products provide cost savings and administrative flexibility for the employer/administrator and high learning retention through an enjoyable, game-like learning experience for the employee/end user. With its established clientele and break-even operation in Australia, MindAtlas is now seeking additional funds to enter the US market.

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Remasys is a company with a strong IT consulting background that is developing network management software, "Eagle Eye", which emphasizes security, including vulnerability assessment, monitoring, and prediction, targeting financial institutions. It is currently seeking a strategic partner to leverage Remasys' core competencies via the partner's resources and sales channels.


m2 Master's interactive traffic management technology, MLA, is a pilot tested concept that utilizes innovative systems to reduce roadway noise levels. This unique and sophisticated venture, poised for American partnership, has the potential to improve U.S. environmental traffic problems targeted in Federal Legislation. This plan identifies m2Master's market entry strategy and subsequent financial opportunities.


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Biosonda S.A. is a successful Chilean biotechnology company with recognized R&D expertise in the areas of immunology, protein chemistry, and molecular biology. Biosonda specializes in the commercialization of antibody-related products, hailed by analysts as the fastest growing market in the biotechnology industry. Biosonda wishes to increase the sales of its flagship product, Blue Carrier®, which comprises a critical component of the antibody production process.

Every corporation has financial data that needs to be managed. Whether it's payroll, accounting, sales or inventory, the numbers need to be tracked, shared, stored, often across multiple offices. Many solutions exist to tie all this data together, but they are often costly, time-consuming to implement, and difficult to use. Defontana changes that. Defontana's web-based solution makes it simpler, easier and more cost effective to manage corporate data in real-time. Leveraging a breakthrough in server technology, Defontana partners with ATT data centers to provide secured, mission-critical software applications, accessed using only an Internet browser. No more hassling with complicated software licensing schemes, hefty hardware purchases, or hiring IT staff to keep it all running. For one simple annual fee, you can get customized, enterprise-ready software, that's secured, backed-up, and available 24/7.

Ingenería y Desarrollo Tecnológico (IDT)
IDT is a Chilean power electronics firm specializing in technological research, design, fabrication, installation and engineering development. IDT's primary offering is a line of power rectifiers for the copper mining industry in Chile. Their latest product innovation is a patented self-resonating coreless induction furnace used for melting metals in foundries and related industries. IDT was founded in 1989 and incorporated in 1995. In 2000 the firm was acquired by Transformadoras Tusan, the only industrial transformer manufacturer in Chile. Tusan itself is a subsidiary of larger electric concern, Compañía General de Electricidad (CGE).


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Cybelius develops 3D-virtual prototyping software for the mobile phone and hand-held consumer electronics industries. Their enabling software reduces design costs and increases new products' speed to market. By capitalizing on its sales and development deal within Nokia, Cybelius seeks to become the de facto industry standard for the next generation of Java based phones.

Dekati Oy
Dekati Oy is a leading designer of particle measurement instruments looking to expand its proven particle measurement technology into the $10B field of inhaled pharmaceuticals. Particle size, a critical element in pulmonary drug delivery, can be accurately and rapidly measured by Dekati's real time particle measurement instrument. This will allow inhaled pharmaceutical companies to significantly reduce sample-testing cost and decrease time-to-market for new drugs.

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After 40 years of designing ventilation, electrical and plumbing systems for the Finnish commercial building market, Granlund has condensed its expertise into the RYHTI Facilities Management software. Rather than manage a building's complex internal systems ad hoc, RYHTI provides an organized and systematic tool characterized by a level of subject-matter detail unavailable in generic software. RYHTI can be deployed across intranets and the Internet for remote management of geographically dispersed buildings or a large portfolio of properties.

Lifa Oy
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The air filtration market in the US is expected to grow 5% per annum, reaching $ 7.75 billion in 2003 as concerns about clean air continue to be of increasing importance to both the business community and genera public. With over 18 years of industry experience in Finland, Lifa Air is a proven market leader in providing Indoor Air Quality solutions. Lifa Air is proud to announce the introduction of the 3G filter, which uses advanced filtration technology to deliver high-efficiency filtration with minimal air flow resistance. The company now desires to bring this concept to the United States by developing strategic relationships with investors, distributors and other interested parties.

Patria Finavicomp
Satellite manufacturers are constantly searching for suppliers to meet ever improving power, cooling, and weight requirements. Patria Finavicomp is a Finish aerospace structures manufacturer with over 50 years of industry experience and is a current supplier to the European space market. They will couple their newly finished $17 M production facility with state-of-the-art composite manufacturing processes to supply space qualified composite structures at compelling prices to US satellite manufacturers.

Pharmatory Oy
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Pharmatory is a Finnish cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) custom synthesis provider for small drug discovery companies. With experienced personnel, Pharmatory plays a key role in the development of drug compounds that are used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer and Parkinson's disease. This presentation demonstrates how Pharmatory can grow their business and increase their efficiency by setting up international satellite offices.

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QPR is a global developer of business intelligence software products. The company's two products, ScoreCard and ProcessGuide, enable companies to create automated systems for tracking performance and modeling business processes. QPR is seeking a strategic partnership with a U.S. company that will complement their strong R&D, easy to use products, and international partner distribution network.


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Cabrilog develops and distributes Cabri, a 3D dynamic geometric software for desktops and calculators. Developed by founder and world-renowned mathematician Dr. Jean-Marie Laborde, the Cabri technology offers instant 3D renderings without placing high resource demands of the device on which it operates. Cabrilog plans to develop a software development kit (SDK) based on this technology and market it for usage on other handheld devices such as cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

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Imagine that you're an aeronautical engineer designing the wing of an airplane. You spend a week calculating the characteristics of the wing and realize that it is not acceptable. . You now must go through the same time-consuming preparations and calculations all over again to check the new design. This iterative procedure uses up company's resources. Suppose that you have a software tool that enables you to find all possible solutions based on any set of design changes from your initial solution...Introducing Turb'Opty by Fluorem.


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In the next few years, wireless devices, as we know them, will cease to exist. The hardwired chip in today's devices, managing all fundamental transmission procedures, will be replaced by a reconfigurable preocessing unit running software instructions. No more buying new devices everytime a new feature is offered; new features will be uploaded in software to your wireless device on-the-fly. EuroConcepts is an R&D firm involved in the design, development, and implementation of the software that will enable this to happen, software that will power the next generation of communcations systems.

Founded in 2000, YogiTech is a semiconductor design service company based in Pisa, Italy. The Company is well positioned to capitalize on the growing importance of fault-tolerance in integrated circuits (ICs). YogiTech proposes to build a business to develop and license intellectual property (IP) based on its propriety know-how in providing fault-tolerant technologies in the automotive sector.


Direct sales revenues in Mexico topped $2.955B in 2001. However, success also brings challenges, such as communicating with a sales force of over 1.8M. Companies are frustrated to find that most communication means are prohibitively expensive, if not physically inaccessible to their salespeople. IpsoBox addresses this pain by integrating new high-speed networks with multiple telecommunications infrastructures. IpsoBox has immediate solutions for the direct sales industry, and aspires to fulfill many communications needs for a rapidly-developing Mexico.

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