August 20, 2001

The next UCLA Anderson Forecast Conference will bring together a host of experts, including academics, economists, high-tech executives and dot-com survivors to debate the next wave of technological innovation and its impact on society, business and the economy.

Titled "Innovation and Investment in the Post Dot-Com World," the September quarterly conference will feature three panels: "Looking Backward: Pioneer's Perspective, "Looking Forward: The Next Waves," and "Management of Innovation." The first two panels will highlight the tech booms and busts of the past and will offer experts on the biotech, nanotechnology and communications industries. The "Management of Innovation" session will examine the challenges facing managers in an economic downturn — can a firm maintain its innovative spirit in the midst of layoffs?

Celebrating 50 years of accuracy, UCLA Anderson forecasters will also reveal their latest economic predictions for the state and nation. The September reports will focus heavily on the tech bust and will address whether the nation and California must rely on a tech bounce-back to avoid recession.

· Jehoshua Bruck, co-founder, Rainfinity; professor, Cal Tech
· Rick Smith, general partner, Palomar Ventures
· Stephanie Davis, director, Spencer-Stuart Associates
· Duncan Cameron, Law and Economics Consulting Group
· Demetrious Boutris, commissioner, California Department of Corporations
· Evelyn Hu, co-director, California Nano Systems Institute; professor, UC Santa Barbara
· Andrew Berlin, senior director, Intel Research & Principal Engineer, Intel Technology

· Edward Leamer, director, UCLA Anderson Forecast
· Tom Lieser, senior economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast
· Christopher Thornberg, senior economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast

1 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Korn Convocation Hall, UCLA Anderson
110 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, California

OTHER: Members of the public should contact the UCLA Anderson Business Forecast office at (310) 825-1623. The conference is open to the public at a cost of $350 per quarter, which includes admission to conference, copies of all materials and access to electronic versions of conference materials and statistics.

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