The Boeing Company

KATY WEBB is a graduate of the EMBA Class of 2017. She is currently a senior finance manager within Commercial Satellite Systems at The Boeing Company, where she has worked for 17 years. She manages the business operations for a multibillion-dollar commercial satellite product line with domestic and international customers.

During her two years at UCLA Anderson, Webb participated in two global immersion courses. She first traveled to Guangzhou and Shanghai to study business in a rapidly changing China and to further her knowledge of Asia. In her second course, she visited Bangkok and Yangon to learn about business in emerging economies, which offered a comparison between a more mature economy in Thailand versus one that was just opening up in Myanmar.

On campus, Webb enrolled in the “Understanding the Asia-Pacific Economies” course that provided frameworks for analyzing how to look at doing business in international countries. She later enrolled in “International Financial Markets,” which discussed foreign exchange and international bond and equity markets in various countries. While at UCLA Anderson, Webb attended many of the global conferences, policy forums and speaker events that the CGM offered. Through both the global immersion courses and on-campus programming, she gained invaluable knowledge and tools that have improved how she will approach doing business internationally in the future. Choosing to focus on the global management certificate was one of the best parts of her UCLA Anderson education. Through the knowledge and experiences she gained, she feels that she significantly improved her approach to doing international business and found that she has been able to take many of the issues and frameworks she learned and apply them to her work at Boeing.