MUFG Union Bank

AMIT JAGTIANI is a graduate of the EMBA Class of 2018. Born, raised and educated in Mumbai, Jagtiani received a master’s degree in computer science from Chicago’s DePaul University and later moved to California in 2003. He is the vice president of cybersecurity and e-commerce innovation at MUFG Union Bank in Los Angeles, where he has worked for five years. He is responsible for leading over 30 next-generation single sign-on web and technology projects and the bank’s production support software projects.

During his two years at UCLA Anderson, Jagtiani participated in two global immersion courses. He traveled to Sweden and Finland to study entrepreneurship and corporate renewal, and engaged with many successful entrepreneurs and business leaders as well as many startup companies. In his second course, he visited Israel to learn about Start-Up Nation Central and explored the agglomeration of entrepreneurial activity and technological innovation both in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

On campus, Jagtiani enrolled in the “Global Macroeconomy” course, which provided a robust and logical framework for macroeconomic conditions and the knowledge he needed to make foreign investment decisions for his company. He later enrolled in the “Business in Emerging Markets” course to learn about the salient features of emerging market economies and the problems and challenges these markets face to be successful. While at Anderson, Jagtiani attended many global conferences, policy forums and speaker events that the CGM offered, which, coupled with the global management courses, he felt significantly improved and expanded his knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the techniques and practices involved in directing and managing global operations.