Books by Faculty

UCLA Anderson faculty are listed in bold and linked to their bio pages.

George Abe
Residential Broadband, 2nd edition; 2000; Cisco Press
Lee Cooper
Midlife Startup: Lessons from Venturing Out of the Ivory Tower; 2004; New Venture Press
Samuel Culbert & Lawrence Rout
Get Rid Of The Performance Review! How Companies Can Stop Intimidating, Start Managing -- and Focus on What Really Matters; 2010; Hachette Publications
Samuel Culbert
Beyond Bullsh*t: Straight Talk at Work; Stanford University Press
Samuel Culbert & John Ullmen
Don't Kill The Bosses!; 2001; Barrett-Koehler
Magali Delmas and Oran Young
Governance for the Environment: New Perspectives; 2009; Cambridge University Press
Aimee Drolet, Norbert Schwarz and Carolyn Yoon
The Aging Consumer: Perspectives From Psychology and Economics; 2010; Routledge Academic
Sebastian Edwards
Left Behind: Latin America and the False Promise of Populism, 2010; University Of Chicago Press
Economic Adjustment and Exchange Rates in Developing Countries, (Co-edited with L. Ahamed), University of Chicago Press, 1988
Monetarism and Liberalization: The Chilean Experiment (in collaboration with A. Cox-Edwards), Ballinger Publishing Co., 1987
Exchange Rate Misalignment in Developing Countries, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1988
Debt, Adjustment and Recovery: Latin America's Prospects for Growth and Development (Co-edited with F. Larraín), Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1989
Real Exchange Rates, Devaluation and Adjustment: Exchange Rate Policy in Developing Countries, MIT Press, 1989
Best Practices in Trade Policy Reform (Co-author), Oxford University Press, 1991
Growth. Reform and Adjustment (in Spanish) (Co-edited with S. Teitel), Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico D.F. Mexico, 1991
The Macroeconomics of Populism in Latin America (Co-edited with R. Dornbusch), University of Chicago Press, 1991; Spanish version published by Fondo de Cultura Economica, Mexico D.F. Mexico, 1992
Monetarism and Liberalization: The Chilean Experiment, Second Edition with a New Afterward (in collaboration with A. Cox-Edwards), University of Chicago Press, 1991; Spanish version published by Fondo de Cultura Economica, Mexico D.F. Mexico, 1992
Stabilization, Adjustment and Growth (Co-edited with R. Dornbusch), University of Chicago Press, 1994
Capitol Controls, Exchange Rates, and Monetary Policy in the World Economy, S. Edwards (Ed.), Cambridge University Press, 1995
Crisis and Reform in Latin America: From Despair to Hope, Oxford University Press for the World Bank, 1995
Latin America After Mexico: Quickening the Pace (Co-authored with S.J. Burki), The World Bank, 1996
Dismantling the Populist State: The Unfinished Revolution in Latin America and the Caribbean (Co-authored with S.J. Burki), The World Bank, 1996
Crisis and Reform in Latin America: From Despair to Hope, Oxford University Press, 1995; Spanish version published by EMECE, 1997
Labor Markets in Latin America: Combining Social Protection with Market Flexibility (Co-edited with N.C. Lustig), The Brookings Institution, 1997
Inflacion, Estabilizacion y Politica Cambiaria en America Latina (Co-edited with M. Cardenas), Tercer Mundo Editores, 1997
Mexico 1994: Anatomy of an Emerging-Market Crash (Co-edited with M. Naím), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1997
Capital Flows and the Emerging Economies, S. Edwards (Ed.), University of Chicago Press, 2000
The Economics and Political Transition to an Open Market Economy: Columbia, OECD, 2001; French version, OECD, Paris, 2001
Preventing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets (Co-edited with Jeffrey A. Frankel), University of Chicago Press, 2002
International Capital Flows (Editor), University of Chicago Press, 2007
Growth, Institutions and Crises (Editor), University of Chicago Press, 2007
David Eiteman, Arthur I. Stonehill & Michael H. Moffett
Multinational Business Finance, 10th edition; 2004; Addison-Wesley
Fundamentals of Multinational Finance; 2003; Addison-Wesley
Janis Forman & Paul Argenti
The Power of Corporate Communication; 2002; McGraw Hill
George T. Geis & George S. Geis
Digital Deals; 2001; McGraw-Hill
Mark Grinblatt & Sheridan Titman
Financial Markets & Corporate Strategy, 2nd edition; 2001; McGraw-Hill/Irwin
Dominique Hanssens
Empirical Generalizations about Marketing Impact; 2009; Marketing Science Institute, Relevant Knowledge Series
Dominique Hanssens & J. Villanueva
Customer Equity: Measurement, Management and Research Opportunities; 2007; Foundations and Trends in Marketing
Dominique Hanssens, L.J. Parsons & R.L. Schultz
Market Response Models: Econometric and Time Series Analysis, 2nd edition; 2001; Kluwer Academic Publishers
Jack Hughes, Francis L. Ayres & Robert E. Hoskin
Financial Accounting: A Valuation Emphasis; 2004; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Sanford M. Jacoby
Employing Bureaucracy: Managers, Unions, and the Transformation of Work in the 20th Century; 2004; Erlbaum Associates
The Embedded Corporation: Corporate Governance and Employment Relations in Japan and the United States; 2004; Princeton University Press
Uday Karmarkar & Phil Lederer
The Practice of Quality Management, 1997; Kluwer Academic Publishers
Uday Karmarkar & U.M. Apte (eds.)
Managing in the Information Economy: Current Research Issues, 2006; Springer Kluwer Academic Publishing
Uday Karmarkar & Vandana Mangal (eds.)
The UCLA Business and Information Technologies (BIT) Global Project, World Scientific Press
Edward Leamer
Macroeconomic Patterns and Stories, 2009, Springer-Verlag
Handbook of Econometrics, 2007, Vol. 6B, edited by James Heckman and Edward Leamer
Handbook of Econometrics, 2007, Vol. 6A, edited by James Heckman and Edward Leamer
Handbook of Econometrics, 2004, Vol. 5, edited by James Heckman and Edward Leamer
International Economics, Worth Series in Outstanding Contributions, 2001, edited by Edward E. Leamer, New York: Worth Publishers
Quiet Pioneering: Robert M. Stern and His International Legacy, 1997; edited by Keith E. Maskus, Peter M. Hooper, Edward E. Leamer and J. David Richardson, Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press
Sturdy Econometrics: Selected Essays of Edward E. Leamer, 1994, Economists of the 20th Century, Hants:Edward Elgar
Behind the Numbers: U.S. Trade in the World Economy, with Robert Baldwin and the Panel on Foreign Trade Statistics; 1992; National Research Council, Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press
Sources of International Comparative Advantage: Theory and Evidence, 1984; Boston: MIT Press
Specification Searches: Ad Hoc Inference with Non Experimental Data, 1978; John Wiley and Sons, Inc.; Translated into Spanish and Russian.
Quantitative International Economics, 1970; with R.M. Stern, Boston: Allyn and Bacon
Bennet Lientz
Breakthrough Strategic IT and Process Planning; 2009; World Scientific Publishing
Risk Management for IT Projects: How to Deal with Over 150 Issues and Risks; 2008; Elsevier
Bennet Lientz & L. Larssen
Manage IT as a Business; 2005; Elsevier
Bennet Lientz & K. P. Rea
Breakthrough IT Change Management; 2004; Elsevier
International Project Management; 2003; Academic Press
Achieve Lasting Process Improvement; 2002; Academic Press
Project Management for the 21st Century, 3rd edition; 2002; Academic Press
Transform Your Business into e-Business; 2001; Academic Press
Start Right in e-Business; 2000; Academic Press
Daniel J. B. Mitchell
Pensions, Politics and the Elderly: Historic Social Movements and Their Lessons for Our Aging Society; 2000; M. E. Sharpe
William Ouchi & Lydia Segal
Making Schools Work; 2003; Simon & Schuster
Mariko Sakakibara, Michael E. Porter & Hirotaka Takeuchi
Can Japan Compete?; 2000; Perseus Publishing; Macmillan (non-U.S. distribution)
Rakesh Sarin and Manel Baucells
Engineering Happiness: A New Approach to Building a Joyful Life; 2012; University of California Press
Eduardo Schwartz & L. Trigerogis
Real Options and Investment Under Uncertainty: Classical Readings and Contributions; 2001; MIT Press
Jim Stengel
GROW; 2011; Deckle Edge
Christopher S. Tang
Managing Supply Chain Risk (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) (Co-authored with ManMohan S. Sodhi), 2012; Springer
A Long View of Research and Practice in Operations Research and Management Science: The Past and the Future (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science)
(Co-authored with ManMohan S. Sodhi), 2010; Springer
Supply Chain Analysis: A Handbook on the Interaction of Information, System and Optimization (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) (Co-edited with Chung-Piaw Teo and Kwok-Kee Wei), 2010; Springer
Consumer-Driven Demand and Operations Management Models: A Systematic Study of Information-Technology-Enabled Sales Mechanisms (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) (Co-authored with Serguei Netessine), 2009; Springer
Product Variety Management - Research Advances (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) (Co-authored with Teck-Hua Ho), 1998, Springer
John Ullmen & Glenn Rupert
Who Wins Conflict? The Creative Alternative to Fight or Flight; 2009; Xlibris
John Ullmen & Kathryn Stanley
Which Bird Gets Heard? How to Have Impact, Even in a Flock; 2007; Xlibris
John Ullmen & Melissa Karz
Invisible Bridges: Building Business Relationships for Results; 2006; Xlibris
J. Fred Weston, Thomas E. Copeland & Kuldeep Shastri
Financial Theory and Corporate Policy, 4th edition, 2005; Pearson Addison Wesley
J. Fred Weston, Mark L. Mitchell & Harold J. Mulherin
Takeovers, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance, 4th edition; 2005; Prentice Hall
J. Fred Weston
Cases in Dynamic Finance, Mergers and Restructuring; 2002; Prentice Hall
J. Fred Weston & Samuel C. Weaver
Mergers and Acquisitions; 2001; McGraw Hill
Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers; 2001; McGraw Hill
J. Fred Weston, Juan A. Siu & Brian A. Johnson
Takeovers, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance; 2001; Prentice Hall

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