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Global Access Program Requirements
The Global Access Program (GAP) was designed to combine the unique skills of our technology-oriented, executive-level MBA students with the needs of foreign technology companies seeking answers to critical strategic questions about entering the U.S. market. 

In our experience, successful new-market entry requires a company to be successful enough in its home market to make expansion a realistic next step.


GAP companies should meet the requirements listed below.

Corporate Requirements

Companies that qualify for GAP enrollment are required to meet all of the following corporate requirements:

  • Minimum of US$1,000,000 in turnover/revenue
  • Positive or near-positive cash flow to continue operations beyond December 2022
  • Foreign-based company that wants to explore market entry into a new international market
  • Minimum of 10 full-time employees

Investment Requirements

To ensure the success of GAP projects, we require a modest investment of time and money, along with access to relevant data.

  • Two executives must allocate 1 to 2 hours per week for the complete project
  • Must attend (remotely, or in-person) two events. Company Launch on July 15-17 2022 and final presentations on December 3, 2022
  • Grant full access to strategic and historical financial data
  • Host 2 to 3 students at your company headquarters for 3 to 5 days (*this requirement is waived in 2021)
  • Pay $20,000 program fee; 60% allocated to student team research budget

Additional Requirements

Meeting the following requirements will give your company an advantage during our selection process.

  • Fluency in English at the senior management level
  • Current paying customer(s) for the products or service that the team will evaluate
  • No fundraising during the length of the project as it becomes the primary focus of the executives

“Participation in the GAP program helped us develop one of our key products and sped up the processes within our own company on how to properly enter the U.S. market. The information we received has already been used to make internal decisions. We could already imagine what the market was like, but we learned so much more from face-to-face contact with the students,”

Linas Launikonis
CCO, Novameta, Lithuania

Assurance of Confidentiality
UCLA Anderson maintains stringent confidentiality standards regarding each Global Access Program project. All students, faculty, staff and company executives must sign a comprehensive program nondisclosure agreement in order to participate. Over the course of 24 years and 889 successful projects, we are not aware of any alleged breach in confidentiality.