Ascents of Stanislaus Peak (South Slope from Sonora Pass, class 2) and Sonora Peak (Northwest ridge from Stanislaus Peak, class 1) with Mike Callen, June 26, 2019.


June 26, 2019. We left Mammoth around 7:30 and drove to Sonora Pass. After a stop in Lee Vining for coffee and in Bridgeport for gas, we started up the trail to Saint Mary's Pass at 9:20. We reached the pass at 10:15 and the summit of Stanislaus Peak at 12:40 as the wind was picking up. We found a sheltered spot for lunch and then proceeded on to Sonora Peak along the ridge that joins the two peaks. The winds were very strong along that ridge, temperatures quite cold, and we had to wear all our clothes. The geology seems volcanic in nature, and we were walking mostly on pumice. We were on the summit of Sonora Peak at 15:20 and descended directly to Saint Mary's Pass and then on to Highway 108. We were back at the car at 16:55 and back in Mammoth at 18:35. (A 7:35 hour day, 9.80 miles, 3,800 feet of gain).


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