Ascents of Mount Goode (Southeast Slope, class 2) and Chocolate Peak (South Slope from Ruwau Lake, class 1), with Claire Wacziarg, August 22, 2017.


August 21, 2017. We departed the trailhead at South Lake at 9:00, making good time toward Bishop Pass. It started raining mid-morning and the rain continued on and off till midday. At noon we reached the snow surveyor's cabin between Saddlerock Lake and Bishop Lakes. I walked around the flat area between the lakes in search of an ideal campsite. We finally settled on a nice flat area just behind the cabin, in view of Mount Agassiz, Picture Puzzle, and Mount Goode. We were ideally positioned for our ascent the next day. We spent the afternoon reading and had an early dinner on a nice flat expanse of glacial polish. (A 3 hour day).

August 22, 2017. We woke up at 6:00 and left camp at 7:00, proceeding up the benches immediately southwest of Saddlerock Lake. Soon, we reached a flatter, sandy area and followed a use trail to the base of a steeper section of talus, directly beneath the summit of Mount Goode. There, a snowfield slowed us down. I thought we would be able to avoid the snow by climbing the rock that seemed to divide it, but the snow was pretty continuous over a steep 30 foot portion of the climb, just below the summit. At this point, Claire decided to stop the climb. I carefully made my way across the mixed snow/rocks, kicking steps, and proceeded up the class 2 talus to the summit of Mount Goode. I reached the summit at 9:20, signed the register, took pictures, and departed at 9:35. I was back where I had left Claire at 9:50, and we proceeded to hike back to camp, reaching at 11:18. We had a nice lunch in the shade, packed up camp, and at 12:08 we started on our way down to South Lake, intent on making a detour to climb Chocolate Peak on the way. At the junction with the Ruwau Lake trail, we dropped our packs, hiked up to Ruwau Lake and then up the south slopes of Chocolate Peak, reaching the summit at 14:10. We had a nice time on the summit, eating a snack and signing the summit register: Claire's first Sierra summit! After that we returned to our packs, and then hiked back to South Lake, reaching the car at 17:04. (A 10:04 hour day).


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