Suzanne Shu

UCLA Anderson School of Management


Curriculum Vitae


Links to working papers, by topic


Consumption timing and psychological ownership

·         Occasion Matching for Indulgences, 2013, working paper.

·         The Emergency Reserve: The Effects of Slack on Self-Control Performance, (with Marissa Sharif), 2013, working paper.


Financial decumulation (annuities and Social Security claiming)

·         Consumer Valuation of Annuities: Beyond NPV, (with Robert Zeithammer and John W. Payne), 2013, working paper.

·         Life Expectation Judgments, Fairness, and Loss Aversion in the Psychology of Social Security Claiming Decisions, (with John W. Payne), 2013, working paper.

o   Presented at Retirement Research Consortium, August 2013, Washington DC.

o   Media coverage by PBS, Forbes, and NPR Marketplace Money.

·         Psychological Aspects of Decumulation Decisions: The Case of Tontine Insurance, 2013, working paper.


Consumer financial decision making

·         Drivers and Outcomes of Perceived Fairness in Consumer Financial Decisions, (with Sylvia Morelli), 2012, working paper.

·         Applying Fairness Theories to Financial Decision Making, (with Sylvia Morelli), 2012, working paper.

·         NPV Neglect in Consumer Behavior for Multi-period Borrowing Decisions, 2012, working paper.

o   Media coverage by Yahoo! Finance


Judgments of sequences and their impact on behavior

·         When Three Charms but Four Alarms: Identifying the Optimal Number of Claims in Persuasion Settings, (with Kurt Carlson), 2013, conditionally accepted at Journal of Marketing.

·         Situational Effects on Sequential Risks: Applying Categorization Rules to Risk-Taking Behavior, (with Elizabeth Webb), 2013, working paper.

·         Choice Bracketing and Construal Level Theory: The Effects of Problem Representation and Mental Representation on Sequential Risk Taking, (with Elizabeth Webb), 2013, working paper.



Links to publications, by topic

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Consumption timing and psychological ownership

·         Future-biased Search: The Quest for the Ideal, 2008, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 21 (4), 352-377.

o   Media coverage by UCLA Knowledge Assets

·         Procrastination of Enjoyable Experiences, (with Ayelet Gneezy), 2010 Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (Oct), 933-944.

o   Media coverage by the Atlantic, The New York Times, CBS News, Smart Money, The Boston Globe, NPR Marketplace, Freakonomics, UCLA Today, and the Wall Street Journal

·         The Effect of Mere Touch on Perceived Ownership, (with Joann Peck), 2009, Journal of Consumer Research, 36 (Oct). 434-447.

o   Media coverage by CNN and Time Magazine

·         Perceived Ownership and Affective Reaction: Emotional Attachment Process Variables and the Endowment Effect, (with Joann Peck), 2011, Journal of Consumer Psychology. 21 (4), 439-452.


Financial decumulation (annuities and Social Security claiming)

·         Life Expectation: A Constructed Belief? Evidence of a Live To or Die By Framing Effect, (with John W. Payne, Namika Sagara, Kirstin C. Appelt, and Eric J. Johnson), 2013, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 46, 27-50.


Applications of choice architecture

·         Beyond Nudges: Tools of Choice Architecture, (with Eric J. Johnson, Benedict G.C. Dellaert, Craig Fox, Daniel G. Goldstein, Gerald Haubl, Richard P. Larrick, Ellen Peters, John W. Payne, David Schkade, Brian Wansink, and Elke U. Weber), 2012,  Marketing Letters. 23, 487-504.

·         Using Insights from Behavioral Economics and Social Psychology to Help Patients Manage Chronic Diseases, (with Braden Mogler, Noah Goldstein, Craig Fox, Jose Escarce, and Martin Shapiro), 2013, Journal of General Internal Medicine, 28 (5), 711-718.

o   Media coverage by UCLA Assets Magazine


Consumer financial decision making

·         When and How Aesthetics Influences Financial Decisions, (with Claudia Townsend), 2010, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20 (Oct), 452-458.

o   Media coverage by Squared Away,, NPR Marketplace, Investor’s Business Daily, and UCLA Anderson podcast

·         Using Aesthetics and Self-affirmation to Encourage Openness to Risky (and Safe) Choices, (with Claudia Townsend), forthcoming at Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.


Judgments of sequences and their impact on behavior

·         The Rule of Three: How the Third Event Signals the Emergence of a Streak, (with Kurt Carlson), 2007, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 104 (1), 113-121.

·         Reference Price and Scarcity Appeals: A Note on the Use of Multiple Influence Strategies in Retail Newspaper Advertising, (with Daniel Howard and Roger Kerin), 2007, Social Influence, 2 (1), 18-28