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The Impact of a Supreme Court Decision  on the Preferences of Americans regarding Abortion Policy (with Raphael Thomadsen and Song Yao), Working paper. 2023.

Adjustment of Bidding Strategies After a Switch to First-Price Rules (with Miguel Alcobendas). Working paper. 2023.

The Rise of the 15%: Emergence and Persistence of Commissions in Advertising  (with Sharon Horsky). Working paper. 2022.

Modeling Bidder Risk Preferences to Optimize Pricing (with Lucas Stich). Working paper. 2019.

Consumer Preference Inconsistencies in Costly Price Offers (with Lucas Stich, Martin Spann, and Gerald Haübl). Working paper. 2022.

Frugal Materialism and Risk Preferences. Working paper. 2023.


An efficiency ranking of markets aggregated from single-object auctions (with Eric Budish) , Working paper. 2016.

·  this paper supercedes and combines: Sequential Auctions with Information about Future Goods (Zeithammer) with Sequencing and Information Revelation in Auctions for Imperfect Substitutes: Understanding eBay's Market Design (Budish)



all papers are copyright of the corresponding journals, posted here for educational use only.

Soft Floors in Auctions. Management Science. 2019.

The pivotal role of fairness: Which consumers like annuities? (with Suzanne Shu and John Payne). Financial Planning Review. forthcoming. 2018.

Product Labeling Class Actions—Identifying the ‘Con’ in Conjoint Surveys (with John Tomlin). Bloomberg Law. November 1, 2018.

Beyond Posted Prices: The Past, Present, and Future of Participative Pricing Mechanisms (Choice Symposium paper with Spann, M., Zeithammer, R., Bertini, M., Haruvy, E., Jap, S.D., Koenigsber, O., Mak, V., Leszczyc, P.P., Skiera, B., and Thomas, M.), Customer Needs and Solutions, forthcoming. 2017.


Bidding For Bidders? How the Format for Soliciting Supplier Participation in NYOP Auctions Impacts Channel Profit  (with Scott Fay), Management Science. forthcoming. 2016.


The Modern Advertising Agency Selection Contest: The case for Stipends to New Participants   (with Dan Horsky and Sharon Horsky), Journal of Marketing Research, 53 (3), 773-789. 2016.


Consumer Preferences for Annuities: Beyond NPV (with Suzanne Shu and John Payne), Journal of Marketing Research, 53 (2), 240-262. 2016.

·         Finalist for Paul Green Award. 2016.


Optimal selling strategies when buyers name their own prices, Quantitative Marketing and Economics 13(2): 135-171. 2015.

Pay What You Want as a Marketing Strategy in Monopolistic and Competitive Markets (with Klaus Schmidt and Martin Spann), Management Science 61(6): 1217-1236. 2015.

The hesitant hai gui: return-migration preferences among US-educated Chinese scientists and engineers (with Ryan Kellogg), 2013, Journal of Marketing Research 50(5), 644-663.

·         Web Supplement

·    covered by: Nature


Vertical Differentiation with Variety-Seeking Consumers (with Raphael Thomadsen), 2012, Management Science, 59(2), 390-401.


A reflection on analytical work in marketing: three points of consensus (with Thomadsen, Mayzlin, Orhun, Pazgal, Purohit, Rao, Riordan, Shin, Sun, and Villas-Boas), 2012, Marketing Letters 23 (2) 381–89.


Optimal Reverse-Pricing Mechanisms (with Martin Spann and Gerald Haubl) , 2010 Marketing Science 29(6),  1058-1070.

·         Erratum to Optimal reverse-pricing mechanisms (with Martin Spann and Gerald Haübl), Marketing Science 34(2): 297-299. 2015.

·         covered by UCLA Anderson Video Insights



Statistical benefits of choices from subsets (with Peter Lenk), 2009, Journal of Marketing Research 46(4), 816-831.


Commitment in sequential auctioning: advance listings and threshold prices , 2009, Economic Theory 38(1), 187-216.


Strategic Bid-Shading and Sequential Auctioning with Learning from Past Prices. , 2007, Management Science 53 (9), 1510-1519. Technical Appendix


Optimal Selling in Dynamic Auctions: Adaptation versus Commitment , 2007, Marketing Science , 26 (6), 859-867.


Forward-looking bidding in online auctions , 2006, Journal of Marketing Research 43(3), 462-476.

·  covered by Capital Ideas (December 2006) as Strategic Bidding on Ebay: Are Online Auction Sites a Buyer's or Seller's Market?

·  covered by Business POV (January 2007) as Winning by Losing: A U of C Professor's Approach to Bidding on eBay

·  covered by U.S. News & World Report (12/20/2006) as EBay Or Not To eBay?


Bayesian Analysis of Multivariate Normal Models when Dimensions are Absent (with Peter Lenk), 2006 Quantitative Marketing and Economics 4(3), 241-265 .


Economics, Psychology, and Social Dynamics of Consumer Bidding in Auctions (with Cheema,Popkowski Leszczyc, Bagchi, Bagozzi, Cox, Dholakia, Greenleaf, Pazgal, Rothkopf, Shen and Sunder), 2005 Marketing Letters 16(3 - 4), 401-13.


Forecasting New Product Trial in a Controlled Test Market Environment, with Bruce Hardie and Peter Fader, Journal of Forecasting, 22 (2003), 391-410.



Robert Zeithammer, Anderson School of Management , University of California Los Angeles
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