Lee G. Cooper, Professor Emeritus

Anderson School at UCLA

110 Westwood Plaza, Suite B412

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481


Lee Cooper is now Professor Emeritus, UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he has served on the faculty for over 40 years. This website contains research and teaching materials developed during is active years at UCLA.

Market Analysis and Assessment This links to presentations of all the major topics in market analysis and assessment -- based on courses taught at the UCLA Anderson School.

Market-Share Analysis This link presents the entire text of the book originally published by Cooper and Nakanishi in 1988. This web edition was published in 1999. The PDF edition was published in 2010.

Strategic Planning and Risk Assessment This links to articles and presentations on planning and risk analysis for radically new products -- developed at UCLA under grants from Intel Corporation.

Midlife Startup: Lessons from Venturing out of the Ivory Tower. This book uses the author’s experience creating a company designed to ride the wave of the digital revolution to tell entrepreneurs, practicing managers, and management students about new-venture initiation, strategic planning for new ventures, and shaping companies to get more out of their human capital from the boardroom to the cubicle. The Web Edition is available at Mid-Life Startup. The new final chapter is at 9. The $150,000,000 Epilogue.

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