Courses Taught at UCLA

A. Geoffrion

Mgt. 111           Introduction to Operations Research
Mgt. 210A        Mathematical Programming
Mgt. 210B        Applied Stochastic Processes
Mgt. 210C        Network Flows and Combinatorial Programming
Mgt. 211A        Nonlinear Mathematical Programming
Mgt. 211B        Large-Scale Mathematical Programming
Mgt. 212A        Management Science Models I
Mgt. 218A        OR in the Educational Sector
Mgt. 218A        Distribution Systems
Mgt. 218A        Selected Topics in Operations Research
Mgt. 218D        Optimization of Decomposable Systems
Mgt. 218X        Emerging Digital Economy
Mgt. 218XYZ   Current Issues in Operations Research
Mgt. 218XYZ   Management Science in Action
Mgt. 240A        Deterministic Models of Operational Systems
Mgt. 240B        Nonlinear and Dynamic Models of Operational Systems 
Mgt. 240F         Supply Chain Management
Mgt. 248           Physical Distribution Systems

Mgt. 298D        Workshop in Quantitative Planning Systems
Mgt. 298D        Model Aggregation Theory
Mgt. 298D        Personal Computers as a Medium for Modeling
Mgt. 298D        Structured Modeling
Mgt. 298D        Using and Evaluating Software for Modeling
Mgt. 298D        Modeling Environments
Mgt. 298D        Professional Issues and Development
Mgt. 298D        Electronic Networking for Professional Advantage
Mgt. 298D        Electronic Commerce
Mgt. 298D        e-Business and Supply Chains
Mgt. 299           Research in Business Administration
Mgt. 407           Managerial Model Building
Mgt. 444AB      Integrative Study Project
Mgt. 465           Quantitative Methods for Managers (Executive MBA Program)
Mgt. 596           Research in Management
Mgt. 597           Preparation for Qualifying Exams