Ph.D Program


The Management and Organizations area researches fundamental questions regarding how individuals and groups affect and are affected by organizations.

A distinguishing feature of UCLA Anderson’s Ph.D. program is the broad training it provides. Our students benefit from the interdisciplinary environment of the school as well as the larger university’s strength in basic social science disciplines. The faculty study a range of topics, with many drawing upon an economic or psychological approach to better understand human behavior in organizations. Faculty Web pages provide more detailed information on individual research expertise, but some common themes include:

  • Conflict and Negotiations
  • Decision-Making
  • Emotions
  • Gender and Diversity
  • Group Processes
  • Incentives and Motivation
  • Power, Status and Influence

The doctoral program places heavy emphasis on mentorship and active engagement in research. In additional to attending formal academic talks by invited presenters in the area colloquia, many students also participate in the interdisciplinary Behavioral Decision Making Colloquium and the associated weekly lab meetings. Students undertake original research early in the program and have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty in other areas of the school (e.g., Marketing and Strategy areas). The Behavioral Lab provides a formal link between the Management and Organizations area and other behavioral researchers in the school; in addition, many of the M&O faculty are cross appointed in the UCLA Department of Psychology.