Application Guidelines

If you are interested in visiting the Decisions, Operations and Technology Management area at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, either during your PhD studies elsewhere or immediately afterwards as a postdoctoral scholar, please send an application via email to the Area Coordinator, Theodore Treantafelles.

Include the following in your application:

  • Your resume, including a complete list of publications.
  • An overview of graduate-level coursework you have completed.
  • Published work and working papers.
  • A statement of purpose (two pages maximum), explaining:
    • What you would plan to do during your time at UCLA,
    • How long, and when, you would plan to visit UCLA,
    • The names of one to three DOTM faculty members you would hope to work with while here, including an explanation of how your work is related to their current research interests, and
    • A brief explanation of how a visit to UCLA would benefit you, and what your career plans are.
  • An explanation of your sources of funding for a visit to UCLA. We do not usually have funding available and will not consider applications without full funding from other sources.

Keep in mind that faculty research interests change over time, so in identifying which faculty members you might like to work with, focus more on recent publications and working papers rather than on their earlier work. Most visitors have pre-existing relationships with members of the DOTM faculty; it is rare, though not unheard of, for individuals without such pre-existing relationships to join our group as a visitor. You may submit applications at any time. The DOTM area meets regularly; you will hear back from the area coordinator within one to two months after submitting your application.