2013-2014 Seminars

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Sep. 27, 2013
Professor Soo-Haeng Cho [Carnegie Mellon University]
Innovation Tournaments with Multiple Contributors
Oct. 11, 2013
Professor Jürgen Mihm [INSEAD]
Identifying Styles in Product Design
Oct. 25, 2013
Professor Vish Krishnan [University of California, San Diego]
Inclusive Innovation: Broader Market Coverage for Innovative Products
Nov. 22, 2013
Professor Vlad Babich [Georgetown University]
Should Buyers use Procurement Service Providers when Suppliers have Private Information about Supply Disruptions?
Jan. 24, 2014
Professor Feng Zhu [Harvard University]
The Impact of Patent Wars on Firm Strategy: Evidence from the Global Smartphone Market

Feb. 7, 2014

Professor Paul Leonardi [Northwestern University]
Ambient Awareness: Using Social Media to Improve Accuracy of Organizational Metaknowledge

Feb. 14, 2014

Yonatan Gur [Columbia Business School] 
Optimization in Online Content Recommendation Services: from Clicks to Engagement 

Apr. 4, 2014

Professor Margaret Brandeau [Stanford University]
U.S. Bioterror Preparedness: Our $5 Billion Problem/Opportunity

May 2, 2014

Professor Hamed Mamani [University of Washington]
Operational Models for Influenza Vaccine Supply Chains

May 30, 2014

Professor Hyoduk Shin [University of California, San Diego]
Optimal Timing of Sequential Distribution: The Impact ofCongestion Externalities and Day-and-Date Strategies

June 6, 2014

Professor Georgia Perakis [MIT Sloan School of Management]
The Role of Optimization in Promotion Planning for Supermarkets

June 17, 2014

Professor Francis de Vericourt [INSEAD]
Financing Capacity Investment Under Demand Uncertainty

2013-2014 Seminars