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Published Works

Competing for Shelf Space.
V. Martínez-de-Albéniz, G. Roels. Production and Operations Management. 20(1): 32-46. January/February 2011.
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Robust Controls for Network Revenue Management.
G. Perakis, G. Roels. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. 12(1): 56-76. Winter 2010.
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Contracting for Collaborative Services.
G. Roels, U.S. Karmarkar, S. Carr. Management Science. 56(5): 849-863. May 2010.
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Dynamic Revenue Management for Online Display Advertising.
G. Roels, K. Fridgeirsdottir. Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management. 8(5): 452-466. November 2009.
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G. Roels, T. Skowrup. Anderson Case Study. October 2008.
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Regret in the Newsvendor Model with Partial Information.
G. Perakis, G. Roels. Operations Research. 56(1): 188-203. January-February 2008.
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The Price of Anarchy in Supply Chains: Quantifying the Efficiency of Price-Only Contracts.
G. Perakis, G. Roels. Management Science. 53(8): 1249-1268. August 2007.
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An Analytical Model for Traffic Delays and the Dynamic User Equilibrium Problem.
G. Perakis, G. Roels. Operations Research. 54(6): 1151-1171. November-December 2006.
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The Price of Information: Inventory Management with Limited Information about Demand.
G. Roels, G. Perakis. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. 8(1): 102-104. Winter 2006. (Extended Abstracts Winner, MSOM Student Paper Competition)
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Working Papers

Optimal Design of Social Comparison Effects: Setting Reference Groups and Reference Points

A Service Process Positioning Framework for Co-Productive Services

The Time-Money Trade-Off for Entrepreneurs: When to Hire the First Employee?

Contracting and Work Dynamics in Collaborative Projects

United We Stand? Coordinating Capacity Investment and Allocation in Joint Ventures

Optimal Time Allocation for Process Improvement and Growth for Entrepreneurs

Risk Premiums in the Price-Setting Newsvendor Model