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Published Works Since 1995

A Live Baby or Your Money Back: The Marketing of In Vitro Fertilization Procedures.
D.C. Scmittlein, D.G. Morrison. Management Science. 49(12): 1617-1635. December 2003.
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Do We Really Need Multiple-Item Measures in Service Research?
A.L. Drolet, D.G. Morrison. Journal of Service Research. 3(3): 196-204. February 2001.
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A Decision Support System for Planning Manufactures' Sales Promotion Calendars.
J.M. Silva-Risso, R.E. Bucklin, D.G. Morrison. Marketing Science. 18(3): 274-300. Summer 1999.
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It Takes a Hot Goalie to Raise the Stanley Cup: The Role of Team Ability, Home Ice and the 'Hot Hand' in Stanley Cup Finals.
D.G. Morrison, D.S. Schmittlein. Chance. 11(1): 3-7. Winter 1998.
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The Effect of Package Coupons on Brand Choice: An Epilogue on Profits.
S.K. Dhar, D.G. Morrison, J.S. Raju. Marketing Science. 15(2): 192-203. Spring 1996.
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Making the Cut: Modeling and Analyzing Choice Set Restriction in Scanner Panel Data.
S. Siddarth, R.E. Bucklin, D.G. Morrison. Journal of Marketing Research. 32(3): 255-266. August 1995.
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A Latent Look at Empirical Generalizations.
D.G. Morrison, J. Silva-Risso. Marketing Science. 14(3, Part 2 of 2): G61-G70. Summer 1995.
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Probability Models for Duration: The Data Don't Tell the Whole Story.
M. Vanhuele, M.G. Dekimpe, S. Sharma, D.G. Morrison. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 62(1): 1-13. April 1995.
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A Tactical Model for Airing New Seasonal Products.
D. Kim. D.G. Morrison, C.S. Tang. European Journal of Operational Research. 84: 250-264. 1995.
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Discriminant Analysis.
B.S. Buchanan, D.G. Morrison. Handbook of Marketing Research Second Edition. M. Houston (ed.). McGraw-Hill. 1995).
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