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Published Works Since 1995

Inventory Policies for Sequences of Multi-Item Demands with No Backorders Permitted.
J.W. Mamer, S.A. Smith. Supply Chain Structures: Coordination, Information, and Optimization. J.S. Song, D. Yao (eds.). 427-449. Kluwer Academic Publishers. December 2001.
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A Decomposition Based Pricing Procedure for Large Scale Linear Programs: An Application to the Linear Multicommodity Flow Problem.
J.W. Mamer, R.D. McBride. Management Science. 46(5): 693-709. May 2000.
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Routing Heuristics for Automated Pick and Place Machines.
R.H. Ahmadi, J.W. Mamer. European Journal of Operational Research. 117(3): 533-552. September 1999.
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Competitive Equilibrium in an Exchange Economy with Indivisibilities.
S. Bikhchandani, J.W. Mamer. Journal of Economic Theory. 74(2): 385-413. June 1997.
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Solving Multicommodity Flow Problems with a Primal Embedded Network Simplex Algorithm.
J.W. Mamer, R.D. McBride. INFORMS Journal on Computing. 9(2): 154-163. Spring 1997.
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Working Papers

Solving the Undirected Multicommodity Flow Problem Using a Shortest Path Based Pricing Algorithm.
J.W. Mamer, R.D. McBride. 2002.
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