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Published Works

Clearance Pricing Optimization for a Fast-Fashion Retailer.
F. Caro, J. Gallien. Operations Research. 60(6): 1404-1422. November-December 2012.
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Optimal Static Pricing for a Tree Network.
F. Caro, D. Simchi-Levi. Annals of Operations Research. 196(1): 137-152. July 2012.
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Process Location and Product Distribution with Uncertain Yields.
F. Caro, K. Rajaram, J. Wollenweber. Operations Research. 60(5): 1050-1063. September-October 2012.
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Product and Price Competition with Satiation Effects.
F. Caro, V. Martínez-de-Albéniz. Management Science. 58(7): 1357-1373. July 2012.
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Optimizing Long‐Term Production Plans in Underground and Open Pit Copper Mines.
R. Epstein, M. Goic, A. Weintraub, J. Catalán, P. Santibáñez, R. Urrutia, R. Cancino, S. Gaete, A. Aguayo, F. Caro. Operations Research. 60(1): 4-17. January-February 2012.
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Indexability of Bandit Problems With Response Delays.
F. Caro, O.S. Yoo. Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences. 24(3): 349-374. July 2010.
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The Impact of Quick Response in Inventory-Based Competition.
F. Caro, V. Martínez-de-Albéniz. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. 12(3): 409-429. Summer 2010.
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Inventory Management of a Fast-Fashion Retail Network.
F. Caro, J. Gallien. Operations Research. 58(2): 257-273. March-April 2010.
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Zara Uses Operations Research to Reengineer Its Global Distribution Process.
F. Caro, J. Gallien, M. Díaz, J. García, J-M. Corredoira, M. Montes, J-A. Ramos, J. Correa. Interfaces. 40(1): 71-84. January–February 2010.
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The Effect of Assortment Rotation on Consumer Choice and Its Impact on Competition.
F. Caro, V. Martínez-de-Albéniz. Consumer-Driven Demand and Operations Management Models. S. Netessine, C.S. Tang (eds.). Springer US. 2009.
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Dynamic Assortment with Demand Learning for Seasonal Consumer Goods.
F. Caro, J. Gallien. Management Science. 53(2): 276-292. February 2007.
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Dynamic Assortment with Demand Learning for Short Life-Cycle Consumer Goods.
F. Caro, J. Gallien. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. 7(1) 94-97. Winter 2005. (Extended Abstracts Winners MSOM Student Paper Competition)
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School Redistricting: Embedding GIS Tools With Integer Programming.
F. Caro, T. Shirabe, M. Guignard, A. Weintraub. The Journal of the Operational Research Society. 55(8) 836-850. April 2004.
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Evaluating the Economic Cost of Environmental Measures in Plantation Harvesting Through the Use of Mathematical Models.
F. Caro, R. Andalaft, X. Silva, A. Weintraub, P. Sapunar, M. Cabello. Production & Operations Management. 12(3) 290-306. Fall 2003.
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A 2-Opt Tabu Search Procedure for the Multi-Period Forest Harvesting Problem with Adjacency, Green-up, Old Growth and Even Flow Constraints.
F. Caro, M. Constantino, I. Martins, A. Weintraub. Forest Science. 49(5) 738-751. October 2003.
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Working Papers

Robust Control of the Multi-armed Bandit Problem.
F. Caro, A. Das Gupta. December 2012.
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Double-Counting in Supply Chain Carbon Footprinting.
F. Caro, C.J. Corbett, T. Tan, R. Zuidwijk. December 2012.
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The Assortment Packing Problem: Multiperiod Assortment Planning for Short-Lived Products.
F. Caro, V. Martínez-de-Albéniz, P. Rusmevichientong. December 2012.
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