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Published Works Since 1995

A Hierarchical Framework for Organizing a Software Development Process.
F. Iravani, S. Dasu, R. Ahmadi. Operations Research. Forthcoming.
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Gray Markets, A Product of Demand Uncertainty and Excess Inventory.
S. Dasu, R. Ahmadi, S.M. Carr. Production and Operations Management. Forthcoming.
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The Traveling Salesman Problem with Flexible Coloring.
T.A. Roemer, R. Ahmadi, S. Dasu. Discrete Applied Mathematics. 160(12): 1798-1814. August 2012.
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Distribution Planning to Optimize Profits in the Motion Picture Industry.
B. Somlo, K. Rajaram, R. Ahmadi. Production and Operations Management. 20(4): 618-636. July-August 2011.
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Models for Concurrent Product and Process Design.
R. Ahmadi, T.A. Roemer. European Journal of Operational Research. 203(3): 601-613. June 2010.
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Coordinated Scheduling of Customer Orders for Quick Response.
R. Ahmadi, U. Bagchi, T.A. Roemer. Naval Research Logistics. 52(6): 493-512. September 2005.
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Concurrent Crashing and Overlapping in Product Development.
R.H. Ahmadi, T.A. Roemer. Operations Research. 52(4): 606-622. July-August 2004.
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Flow Management to Optimize Retail Profits at Theme Parks.
K. Rajaram, R. Ahmadi. Operations Research. 51(2): 175-184. March-April 2003.
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Structuring Product Development Processes.
R.H. Ahmadi, T.A. Roemer, R. Wang. European Journal of Operational Research. 130(3): 539-558. 2001.
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Time-Cost Trade-Offs in Overlapped Product Development.
T.A. Roemer, R.H. Ahmadi, R. Wang. Operations Research. 48(6): 858-865. November-December 2000.
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Parallel Imports: Challenges from Unauthorized Distribution Channels.
R.H. Ahmadi, B.R. Yang. Marketing Science. 19(3): 279-294. Summer 2000.
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A Mini-Line Approach for Pull Production.
R.H. Ahmadi, H. Matsuo. European Journal of Operational Research. 125(2): 340-358. 2000.
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Routing Heuristics for Automated Pick and Place Machines.
R.H. Ahmadi, J.W. Mamer. European Journal of Operational Research. 117(3): 533-552. September 1999.
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Managing Development Risk in Product Design Processes.
R.H. Ahmadi, R. Wang. Operations Research. 47(2): 235-246. March-April 1999.
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Design of Electronic Assembly Lines: An Analytical Framework and its Application.
R.H. Ahmadi, P. Kouvelis. European Journal of Operational Research. 115(1): 113-137. 1999.
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Pricing in Separable Channels: The Case of Parallel Imports.
B.R. Yang, R.H. Ahmadi, K.B. Monroe. Journal of Product and Brand Management. 7(4): 433-440. 1998.
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Managing Capacity and Flow at Theme Parks.
R.H. Ahmadi. Operations Research. 45(1): 1-13. January-February 1997.
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Scheduling in Network Flow Shops.
R.H. Ahmadi. Journal of Global Optimization. 9: 293-320. 1996.
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Product/Process Design in Mass Placement Printed Circuit Board Assembly.
J.H. Ahmadi, R.H. Ahmadi, J. Rao.Production and Operations Management. 4(4): 401-413. 1995.
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Component Fixture Positioning/Sequencing for Printed Circuit Board Assembly with Concurrent Operations.
J.H. Ahmadi, R.H. Ahmadi, H. Matsuo, D. Tirupati. Operations Research. 43(3): 444-457. May-June 1995.
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Design of a Testing Fixture for Printed Circuit Boards.
R.H. Ahmadi, P. Kouvelis. IIE Transactions. 27: 81-89. 1995.
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Working Papers


Cost, Quality, and Access in the Health Care System.
R.H. Ahmadi, R. Asthana. 1999.
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Inventory Excess and Leakage into Parallel Imports Channels.
R.H. Ahmadi, R. Yang. September 1997.
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