Guillaume Roels

Associate Professor, in Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management
“In the field of operations management we structure processes to create value. While many firms understand the power of having strong processes, in research we derive generic principles that we can then replicate across firms, or even across industries.”
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Areas of Expertise:
  • Applied Game Theory
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Entrepreneurial Operations
  • Project Management
  • Service Management
  • Supply Chain Management




With a research focus on supply chain management and operations management in knowledge-based services, Associate Professor Guillaume Roels characterizes the worst-case performance of supply chains with limited demand information and uncoordinated decision-making. His findings led to the development of principles for making robust supply chain decisions, such as contracting, capacity investment, capacity allocation, and pricing.

Roels has studied ways to improve productivity in knowledge-based services by properly designing incentive mechanisms or improving time management. His research has been published in journals such as Management Science, Operations Research, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management and Production and Operations Management and have led to several research awards. His most recent work looks at deriving generic principles for designing the kinds of experiences — such as a visit to the dentist, a museum tour or concert — that would be memorable for consumers.

Roels considers himself a teacher and researcher and sees an interesting duality in the two roles. “In the classroom, my research background helps me create unique content that is particularly tailored to UCLA Anderson’s students’ interests while being academically rigorous. Conversely, my constant interaction with students exposes me to the problems they face on a daily basis, which leads me to explore innovative research ideas.”

What Roels finds most rewarding about his job is “when students share their personal experiences. I am a strong believer of joint production; value is co-created not only by my subject expertise but also by my students’ experiences. It’s always a delight when students volunteer to present a few slides about how they used operations in their former or current job, and how the class has improved their understanding of what they could have done differently.”

During his academic career, Roels has accumulated “Best Paper” awards for this academic studies, nearly a dozen distinguished and meritorious awards for service to his field and half a dozen awards — faculty and student nominated — for his teaching excellence.

He currently serves as faculty director of the Easton Technology Management Center. He was named one of Poets & Quants 2015 Best 40 Business School Professors under 40.



Fundamentals of Operations Management (Management 410, Management 474)

Inventory Theory (Management 243B)



Ph.D. Operations Research, 2006, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

DEA Operations Management, 2002, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium

M.A., B.A. Management Science, 2000, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium



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Team Leadership and Performance: Combining the Roles of Direction and Participation (with M. Rahmani and U.S. Karmarkar

United We Stand? Coordinating Capacity Investment and Allocation in Joint Ventures (with P. Chevalier and Y. Wei)

Risk Premiums in the Price-Setting Newsvendor Model



  • Eric and E Juline Faculty Excellence in Research Award, 2014 
  • Executive MBA Outstanding Teaching Award (student voted), 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015
  • Citibank Teaching Award (most outstanding MBA teacher), 2011
  • "Tough but I’ll Thank You in 5 Years"
    (teaching excellence in MBA Core while visiting Wharton), 2011–12
  • George Robbins Assistant Professor Teaching Award (excellence among Assistant Professors), 2009

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