Elective Paths in Operations & Technology Management

What training does UCLA Anderson provide in Operations Management?

Depending on your career path, we recommend the following DOTM electives offered in 2013-14, beyond the core course in Operations & Technology Management (MGMT 410), both to expand your breadth of knowledge in your area of specialization and to help you develop a deep expertise in particular industries. Please contact any of the Decisions, Operations and Technology Management faculty for more on how these courses can help with your career goals. If you are planning a career in the technology sector, you should also participate in the Easton Technology Leadership Program.

DOTM Courses Consulting Technology
Supply Chain
MGMT 410 – Operations and Technology Management
Breadth Electives
MGMT 240F – Global Supply Chain Management
MGMT 241A – Technology Management
MGMT 407 – Business Analytics with Spreadsheets
MGMT 298D – Strategic Decisions and Business Dynamics  
Depth Electives
MGMT 478 – Managing in the Global Digital Economy (course limited to certain programs)  
MGMT 298D – Business of Healthcare: A Global Perspective    
MGMT 275 – Emerging Technologies and Markets (variable topics)




1 (depending on intended consulting focus)

2 (you should take technology-focused courses on a range of technologies, not just the sector you’re planning to work in)

3 (depending on intended industry)