Learning Elements

We believe the right mix of the following elements will enhance the end-to-end learning experience of your executives.

  • Action Journal

    for Mindful Reflection

    Reflection is a critical skill for today’s executive. A custom designed Action Journal incorporated into the program is intended to help participants reflect on their experience throughout the curriculum.

  • Coaching

    for Self-Discovery

    To help participants better understand themselves and the tools they are using in this program, coaching sessions can be incorporated throughout the experience.

  • Business Challenge Projects

    for Solving Real-World Problems

    To enhance the impact of the program, participants will take part in team-based application projects, based on actual strategic business issues that exist in your organization and/or your industry.

  • Virtual Content

    to Reinforce Classroom Learning

    Leveraging technology to create a virtual learning environment, we extend the program experience beyond the classroom. This element can be implemented as a primer, throughout the program, or upon culmination of the classroom experience to bolster application of content in the workplace setting.

  • Individual Application Projects

    to Empower Your Leaders

    Participants select an organizational issue they would like to individually address in the program, better positioning them as strategic players within their organization, and providing opportunities to apply their learnings from the program in a work context.

  • Peer Mentoring Groups

    to Provide Support

    Peer Mentoring Groups are structured to help participants build deeper, more meaningful relationships with one another over the course of the program and beyond, helping to build active learning communities once they leave the classroom.

  • Assessment

    to Tap Potential

    We incorporate various assessment tools into our programs, emphasizing the importance of understanding individual strengths and areas of development and, most importantly, how to apply these discoveries to an organizational context.

  • Simulation

    to Learn from Experience

    Bringing coursework to life in a dynamic, relevant way through simulation is an integral aspect of the Executive Education experience, empowering participants to analyze and solve complex problems in an active learning environment.

  • Live Action

    for Purposeful Play

    In order to stimulate creativity, generate excitement and increase learner retention, participants are exposed to a variety of performance tools, such as improvisation comedy, theatrical elements, sports, workshops, or other action-based activities.