Want to Join the #2 Business Analytics Masters Program in the Nation?

The future of business hinges on informed managers, who must rely on data to make good decisions. This program will light the path to a fulfilling career in business analytics, while giving you the skills to model, interpret and present the insights behind the data.


While you will learn the application of statistical, computational, quantitative, econometric and management tools to discover data-based insights, you will also participate in a program like no other.


In the current employment market, there is still a high demand for people who are facile in building models and manipulating data and who have a strong fundamental understanding of the economics of the firm and appreciation of the firm’s objectives. These people must communicate effectively with others who are not well-trained or well-versed in analytical methods and models. If you have a computer science background (Python, SQL, R) and want to be a highly-valued member of an organization, we invite you to apply to our program.


How This Program Is Different


A focus on emerging technologies

Learning these technologies will promote rapid career growth and advancement of the field, as graduates become leaders.


A career-driven internship

Providing real-world experience, this summer internship will be facilitated by UCLA Anderson and advised by our faculty.


Experience-based student project

Inspired by the summer internship, this project completes the student experience.


Industry-based electives

Internet, entertainment and healthcare analytics command the most sought-after skillsets and are integral to the program.


Trailblazing Faculty


With a 3:1 student-to-faculty ratio, students have access to world-renowned leaders in business analytics

Elisa Long

Associate Professor
Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

One of Long's specialties includes applying quantitative analysis to the ambiguities of the health care industry.

Keith Chen

Associate Professor

Chen is the former head of economic research for Uber where he redesigned the dynamic surge pricing model.

Peter Rossi

Distinguished Professor, James Collins Professor of Marketing
Statistics and Economics

Rossi's research and methods have greatly influenced the development of analytic pricing tools.

Paola Giuliano

Professor of Economics
Global Economics and Management

Giuliano's main areas of research are culture and economics and political economy.  She serves as a co-editor of the  Journal of the European Economic Association


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