Eva Lu

Eva Lu (’20)

Consultant at Bain & Company
Los Angeles, CA

Congratulations on your graduation! What’s next?

After spending a few months picking up some new hobbies — golf and gardening — I joined Bain & Company’s Los Angeles office as a consultant.

When you started at Anderson two years ago, what was your plan?

Prior to Anderson, I worked in corporate communications in media and entertainment. I started the program thinking that I would pivot into an internal strategy role within the same industry, but what I loved about Anderson was that there were so many opportunities and a network of support to explore other potential career paths — which is exactly what I did and how I ended up in consulting!

What do you think makes Anderson different from other business schools?

When I was considering business schools, I knew that the ultimate differentiating factor for me would be the student culture. Anderson prides itself on sharing success, and when I visited the campus and connected with students, I felt that core pillar come to life. Business school can feel like a hypercompetitive environment, but at Anderson, it’s not.

Was there a class, experience or involvement opportunity that was a highlight during your time at Anderson?

My favorite Anderson event is Velocity, our annual women’s leadership summit. Velocity bookended my time here: I first attended as an admit, and then as Women’s Business Connection president in my second year, I had the opportunity to lead the entire Velocity programming team. Witnessing so many champions of women gathered in one room to share candid, vulnerable stories with each other, and knowing that I was able to play a role in making it happen, was deeply empowering.

What lesson or piece of knowledge from your time at Anderson has stuck with you?

There are many life lessons I’ve taken from my time at Anderson, but if I had to pick one, it would be to continue to find ways to surround myself with ambitious, aspirational peers. Witnessing my fellow classmates take the initiative to develop, drive and implement ideas that brought real, lasting improvements to our school inspired me to stretch myself further and contribute more to our community.