Duanting Zhai

Duanting Zhai (’20)

Research Analyst at Fidelity International
Shanghai, China

Congratulations on your graduation! What’s next?

I am joining Fidelity International’s Shanghai office as an equity research analyst covering China’s health care market.

When you started at Anderson two years ago, what was your plan?

Prior to Anderson, I was an R&D scientist in a pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, and I spent all my career working in the lab. I had limited knowledge of the business world, so my plan at Anderson was to join a leadership development program focused on big pharmaceutical/biotech companies because I was familiar with them. My Anderson experience certainly opened my eyes and offered me more than I could have imagined.

Was there a class, experience or involvement opportunity that was a highlight during your time at Anderson?

There were so many memorable moments during my time at Anderson. The one I am most thankful for is my experience in the Student Investment Fund, which allowed me to practice investment management with real money, receive coaching from professors and investment experts and transition from a scientist to an investment professional.

How has the Anderson experience changed you?

My Anderson experience equipped me with both hard skills and soft skills. I went from being clueless about finance to becoming a professional through so many wonderful finance classes and clubs. I also went from being an introvert to being able to network comfortably and confidently through Parker’s hands-on instruction. I still can’t believe how much I learned in just two years.

What lesson or piece of knowledge from your time at Anderson has stuck with you?

All of the knowledge I gained. For example, I use the financial modeling skills I learned at Anderson on a daily basis. The skills I learned from the Persuasion and Influence class benefit both my personal and professional lives. The marketing skills I developed help me to choose products wisely.