Ankush Gadodia

Ankush Gadodia (’20)

Global Strategist, Samsung
Seoul, Korea

Congratulations on your graduation! What’s next?

I am joining Samsung’s Global Strategy Group in South Korea as a global strategist. The role is more along the lines of being an internal strategy consultant for Samsung’s global businesses.

When you started at Anderson two years ago, what was your plan?

Prior to Anderson, I was an engineer in the wireless industry, and my plan coming into Anderson was to explore the role of a product manager or a strategist, while remaining within the high-tech industry. Apart from the professional goal, I also wanted to make the most of this opportunity to mingle and learn from my uber-talented peers by being actively involved in social activities and school clubs.

Was there a class, experience or involvement opportunity that was a highlight during your time at Anderson?

Every experience I had at Anderson was a memorable one, such as serving as the president of the International Business Association (IBA) and being an admissions ambassador. The IBA gave me a great opportunity to use my event-management skills to successfully organize two large-scale food festivals, and the role of admissions ambassador gave me insight into what goes through an interviewer’s head while assessing a candidate.

What do you think makes Anderson different from other business schools?

Sharing success. I truly believe that this ideal is at the core of everyone’s character at Anderson. I had not experienced such supportive peers, staff and administrators as I did at Anderson, where everyone is invested in each other’s success. Anderson is one of the few schools where second-year students play an important role in interviewing prospective students, and this is just one way in which the students are driving change at Anderson and beyond.

How has the Anderson experience changed you?

These amazing two years have taught me a lot and helped me grow both personally and professionally. I can confidently say that I leave Anderson equipped with a broad set of tools that will help me succeed in life. How to deal with ambiguity, how to adapt to change, teamwork, maturity, humility and empathy are just some of the things I learned at Anderson.