Adonis Hoffman

Adonis Hoffman '20

Strategic Planning Manager, Nike
Beaverton, Oregon

Congratulations on your graduation! What’s next?

I am heading to Portland, Oregon, to join Nike’s strategic planning team. As strategists at Nike, we help to facilitate the company’s growth agenda by leading the business planning processes and other transformational projects across the company’s diverse business units and geographies.

What do you think makes Anderson different from other business schools?

The Anderson community is truly second to none. While every business school prides itself on high GMAT scores, diverse pre-MBA experiences, highly coveted talent and an extensive alumni network, what distinguishes Anderson from the pack is the close-knit nature of the community. I feel privileged to be part of the Anderson family, which continues to look after each other day in and day out, even when you’re far from Anderson’s doors in Westwood.

What lesson or piece of knowledge from your time at Anderson has stuck with you?

Share success. This is more than just words that Anderson stamps on its marketing campaigns; it’s embodied by the students, faculty and network of alumni. While business school can be a cutthroat and highly competitive experience, what I most appreciated about Anderson was the level of support provided by the entire community. I will always carry with me the lessons and values instilled in me during my time at Anderson.

When you started at Anderson two years ago, what was your plan?

Prior to Anderson, I worked in sports, media and entertainment as a senior research analyst for Nielsen Media and the National Football League. I love the sports business and knew that rather than pursuing a new career path, I wanted to transition to a strategy or finance role within the industry following business school. Aside from my specific career aspirations, I also entered Anderson with the plan of using the next two years to develop a core business foundation that would translate to any position or industry.

How has the Anderson experience changed you?

My time at Anderson was two of the most significant years of my life. Leaving business school, I feel very prepared to address a wide range of business problems. In addition to growing professionally, I’m leaving Anderson with a stronger network and lifelong friends. I know that my next chapter at Nike wouldn’t have been possible if not for Anderson, and I am confident that my career will continue to be defined by my Anderson experience.