Ruy Rego

Ruy Rego

Ruy is a senior partner at G5 Evercore, responsible for its Real estate investment and advisory businesses. Prior to G5 Evercore, Ruy was CEO of Iron House Real Estate, the Real Estate arm of the Cornelio Brennand Group, a traditional family group. At Iron House, he was responsible for leading the development of highly visible real estate projects such as the Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences in São Paulo, in a joint venture with the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund - ADIA, among other relevant shopping center and land development projects.

Between 2007 and 2010, Ruy was CEO of the Coconut Route, a public-private partnership in the metropolitan region of Recife (PE), and subsequently became a member of the Board of Directors (2011-17).

From 1996 to 2008, Ruy was a regional director for Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias (RO), the real-estate company of one the largest Brazilian multinational corporations. He has undertaken a variety of assignments with Odebrecht, ranging from leading the development of Costa do Sauipe, the first master planned tourism and real-estate international destination in Brazil, to leading the concept and development of Reserva do Paiva, a unique land development aimed at creating a 21st century residential, business, and leisure community in a 8 km beachfront parcel, including sustainable tourism initiatives and environmental preservation, in the Recife Metropolitan Area, Northeast Brazil. He also led the development and is now a board member of Rota dos Coqueiros, a concessionaire of a toll bridge and road to access Reserva do Paiva.

Prior to joining Odebrecht, Ruy worked in the public sector as the CEO of the city planning and development company of Olinda, a UNESCO's World Heritage site, leading the city urban development company, with a focus on slum-upgrading projects and waste management (recycling and composting) operations.

Ruy studied at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (University of London), first with a British Council Scholarship in an MPhil program (1990-91), and then as a Research Fellow (1991-94) on Environmental Health Engineering, funded by the World Bank and the UK-Overseas Development Administration. He has also worked as a consultant in urban development and sanitation with various international assignments for the World Bank, UNDP (United Nations Development Program), and GTZ (German international cooperation agency).

Ruy is a civil engineer, with post-graduate studies in economic engineering and environmental health engineering. He was a Research Fellow at the University of London, funded by the World Bank. He was also an exchange student in California where he did his senior year at Mission Viejo High School.