UCLA Affordable Housing Policy Brief

The UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate is pleased to present the UCLA Affordable Housing Policy Brief series to advance new academic research on housing affordability and on policy approaches to address the housing affordability challenge. The series will explore the widening social, economic and individual impacts of the housing affordability crisis in urban and rural housing markets in the U.S and abroad, and housing policy and sustainability, particularly the housing needs and outcomes of lower- and moderate-income households. As the premier public university, the University of California serves society as a center of higher learning and strives to provide long-term societal benefits through the discovery and transmission of advanced knowledge. The UCLA Affordable Housing Policy Brief series seeks to support those goals.

(Banner image: derivative of "Residential Building - Affordable Artist Housing, Hamden, Connecticut (completion 2011)" by Ben Ledbetter, Architect, used under (CC BY 2.0) )




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