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Allen Matkins and UCLA Anderson Forecast Partnerships

Summer/Fall 2014 Video Summary


Coastal Boom Leads California’s Real Estate Recovery

The Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Commercial Real Estate Forecast Survey for Summer/Fall 2014 is now available. The survey covers the entire state of California in all the major markets, specifically in office, industrial, and multi-family housing. Survey shows that optimism still continues, as we’ve seen in the most recent survey.

  • Entire state of California is growing dramatically, but specifically on the coast.
  • Economic growth is driving jobs, and that increases demand for commercial real estate.
  • Initial growth driven by tech sector in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.
  • Real estate is one of the best investments.
Overview Explanation

Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast Survey Predicts Real Estate Market

Basic explanation of what is the Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Commercial Real Estate Forecast Survey. It's a survey of California real estate developers and their sentiment towards development over the next three years.

  • Study surveys commercial real estate developers about their sentiment for future development.
  • Real estate projects require three-year projections.
  • Competitive developers learn from each other to make commercial real estate predictions.

California’s Tech Boom Drives New Demand for Office Space

Led by the tech boom in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, demand for office space all over California is increasing dramatically, but with changing requirements, such as square footage and more creative space. We spoke to some experts who are currently filling the new office workers' needs.

  • Tech, social media, and entertainment are fighting for office space.
  • Tech companies want creative space.
  • No expectation of bubble because demand is driven by fundamentals of increased economic activity.
Los Angeles

Expectations Surge in Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate Market

After lagging behind for a few years, it appears Los Angeles commercial real estate is catching up to the Bay Area. Specifically in downtown LA and the Inland Empire. California's developers are seeing strong growth across all areas: office, industrial, and multi-family housing. How did Los Angeles finally catch up? We spoke to the experts and here's our report.

  • Lost industries of oil, banks, and aerospace replaced with entertainment and tech.
  • Downtown and Inland Empire strongest areas for development.
  • Industrial growth in Inland Empire due to cheap available land.
San Francisco

Tech Sector Continues to Drive Bay Area Commercial Real Estate

An influx of tech workers, new companies, and flourishing companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley is pushing commercial real estate demands up and spilling over to other Bay Area markets. Look up, you'll see a lot of cranes in this city. Will this growth continue?

  • Employment growth in Bay Area is two to three times national average.
  • San Francisco’s employment growth drives demand for warehouse, housing, and office space.
  • San Francisco’s commercial real estate demand is spilling over to the East Bay.
San Diego

San Diego Joins Southern California Real Estate Recovery

Like Orange Country, San Diego suffered during the economic downturn. But according to the most recent Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast Survey, that's all changing. We spoke to the experts and here's our report.

  • Employment growth forcing new demand for office space. San Diego was not overbuilt.
  • San Diego is recovering from the downturn.
  • Investors showing renewed interest in tech and professional firms in North County San Diego.
Orange County

Orange County Commercial Real Estate Market Begins Its Dramatic Comeback

While Orange County was devastated in the economic downturn, developers today are saying the market needs more office space. In our report, we spoke to experts about what Orange County commercial real estate was like five years ago, and where it's heading.

  • Huge recession gutted Orange County
  • Orange County is growing due to growth in finance, professional, and scientific industries.
  • Technology activities driving growth in employment

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