March 2019 Economic Outlook

UCLA Anderson Forecast


UCLA Anderson Forecast Sees a Synchronized Slowdown

LOS ANGELES (March 13, 2019) – UCLA Anderson Forecast’s first quarterly report for 2019 examines the signs leading to weaker economic growth. When the waning effects of fiscal stimulus combine with the partial normalization of interest rates and weakness among global trading partners, the economists agree that slower growth in economic activity seems inevitable. Does the economy go into “stall speed” with slower growth before the negative growth of a recession? [...]
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How Far into the Future Can Forecasters Actually See?

The current expansion is getting long in the tooth.

We are in the 38th quarter of the expansion and only one of the previous ten expansions has lived so long, and it perished in the 40th quarter. There is thus a lot of talk lately about a recession in the near future, mostly based on the belief that for both humans and economic expansions old age is an early warning sign of death soon to come.  [...]

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The Global Slowdown

The Global Slowdown
On Trains & Housing

On Trains & Housing
How Far into the Future Can Forecasters Actually See?

How Far into the Future Can Forecasters Actually See?
Employment in the Entertainment Industry

Employment in the Entertainment Industry
The Outlook from the Other Side of the Hudson

Technology and Innovation in Entertainment - A conversation with Harry Sloan
March 2019 Forecast Panel

Analytics: Content Valuation in Entertainment

UCLA Anderson Forecast in Partnership with The Center for MEMES present

MARCH 2019 Economic Outlook

The U.S. and California economies remain on track to avoid a recession in 2019, though elevated risks abound. These risks point to key factors to watch as the latter part of the year unfolds. And the soft housing markets, jitters on Wall Street and trade disputes all point to uncertainties in 2019. One key to continued growth in Los Angeles is the health of the tech industry, and in particular the transformation of the entertainment industry with new technologies. The March 2019 UCLA Anderson Forecast presents an analysis of these and other issues with the rollout of its next report.

7:30 - 8:30a Registration + Breakfast
8:30 - 8:35a Welcome + Introductions
Jerry Nickelsburg, Director, UCLA Anderson Forecast
8:35 - 9:45a UCLA Anderson Forecast for the Nation and California
David Shulman, Senior Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast
Jerry Nickelsburg, Director, UCLA Anderson Forecast
Edward Leamer, Professor Emeritus, UCLA Anderson School
William Yu, Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast
9:45 - 10:00a Q + A with the Forecast Team
10:00 - 10:15a Break
10:15 - 10:55a Technology, Innovation and Entertainment - A Conversation
Harry E. Sloan, Founder and CEO Global Eagle Acquisitions, former Chairman and CEO, Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Sanjay Sood, Professor and Faculty Director, The Center for MEMES, UCLA Anderson School
10:55 - 11:45a Analytics: Replacing or supplementing human judgement in valuation of content from TV to Film to Consumer brands…
Moderator: Michael Montgomery, Lecturer, UCLA Anderson School, Founder, Montgomery Advisory, LLC
Kay Arutyunyan, Co-Founder and VP Operations, CounterPunch Studios
Dennis A. Miller, Chairman, Industrial Media
Wared Seger, CEO and Co-Founder, Parrot Analytics
Nick Selz, Global Head of Performance, YouTube Originals
Key Topics
Volatility and The Shutdown: Will they derail the expansion?
Will the Fed's dovish pronouncements translate into slower interest rate increases?
Are we done with the 3% economy?
How far can forecasters see into the future?
The trade war(s): Any California effect yet?
Will California continue to outperform?
Will LA's entertainment tech boom continue?

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